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The CFA produces a variety of promotional and technical literature as well as providing the key industry resources available on residential concrete foundations.

Contractors, designers, builders, inspectors and owners frequently order literature supporting or describing the issues they are facing.  CFA literature has also become the cornerstones of successful marketing programs for many CFA Member companies.  Be sure to consider adding to your library today.

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Concrete Facts

Published six times a year, Concrete Facts, is a trade association magazine filled with up-to-date information about the CFA, its members, and the cast-in-place construction industry.

This magazine is delivered to you as part of your membership benefits. Non-members and guests to are invited to read each edition online as they are posted.

2010 CFA Standard

Published by the Technical Committee of the CFA, this document precedes the ACI 332 code and provides a more complete set of mandatory elements for foundation design and construction adding requirements for moisture protection, backfilling, drainage and final grading. This document was not published through a recognized consensus process but provides the same measure of design rationale as that found in ACI 332 while extending the requirements beyond concrete.

CFA Cold Weather Research Report

Perhaps the most significant product developed in the history of the CFA, this research report provides the complete background, test parameters and results of a three-year study conducted from 2001 to 2004 on residential foundation walls. Aimed at determining the performance impact of placing concrete during cold temperatures, this research provides real solutions that can be implemented into any region through recommended partnership of the contractor and ready mix producer. Practical guidance is provided on integrating maturity testing and validating mixes that are economical and readily available to your market.

ACI 332.1R-06 - Guide to Residential Cast-In-Place Concrete Construction

Completely rewritten from the early 1984 version of this document, this guide provides practical information about the construction of quality residential concrete. It covers concrete work for one- and two-family dwellings with a maximum height of two stories above grade and a basement that is either cast-in-place or placed as precast elements. Information on materials, proportions, production, delivery and testing is provided. The guide is separated into chapters addressing each of the primary foundation elements for easy reference and specific indexing.

Lower Level Living

Turning a basement into lower level living holds tremendous potential for any home.  The Lower Level Living brochure provides builders and homeowners with important information needed to consider building below.  It is a great addition to any poured wall contractor’s resources.

Eleven Reasons Why

This brochure provides homeowners with eleven good reasons, from water tightness to better re-sale value, to choose poured concrete walls as the foundation for their next home.

Solid Concrete Walls

Cast-in-place concrete is the solution to today’s foundation, and this brochure provides you with the facts to prove it. Solid Concrete Walls… provides study results that conclude when it comes to below grade construction, hollow core block just doesn’t stack up to poured concrete.

Building Homes with Removable Concrete Forms (RCF)

Produced for the industry through the Concrete Homes Council, this manual makes it easy to understand the value of above-grade, all-concrete home construction using Removable Concrete Form (RCF) construction. Above-grade concrete homes are quickly becoming one of the hottest topic for new home buyers. The manual provides guidance on the characteristics of concrete homes and the advantages over other more traditional methods of construction as well as significant detail on the construction process itself.

Cast In Place Concrete Homes DVD

Thinking about a concrete home? This product provides all the evidence necessary to understand the advantages available to the residential industry whether you are interested as a home owner, developer or contractor. This 6-minute DVD provides a brief history of concrete home design coupled with the modern technology that is changing the way America looks at the concrete home.

Management Moves

Available to members of the CFA only, this reference series takes many of the everyday elements of the foundation contractor's business and provides insights as to how other successful foundation companies are tackling the issues. Do you struggle with safety issues, or payroll? Are your views on warranties or drug policies outdated or non-existent? A direct benefit of becoming a CFA member is found in the information transferred to through this series that grows each month.

CFA Tech Notes

Another product of the CFA Technical Committee, this series of technical briefs addresses some of the common elements found in today's intensive residential industry that are often misunderstood or misrepresented. Considering issues like code differences, stepped footings, cold weather placements, anchorages and much more, the Technical Committee creates paths for you to follow in understanding the ways to shape your project focus and redirect the challenges you face. This series is available to CFA members only.

PCA – CD026 – Thermal Performance Comparisons of Wall Systems
Spanish Pocket Dictionary

Learn Spanish terms most commonly used on construction products. The Spanish Pocket Dictionary is a 120-page book, small enough to stick in your back pocket before heading for a jobsite.