Foundation Fundamentals

The price of housing continues to rise, but people are still demanding more square feet of livable space. The least expensive way of generating more livable space is to finish the basement. Basements have a reputation as being cold and damp, but with today’s construction methods and technology, this is no longer true.

The concrete basement walls also provide an excellent retreat when storms or other natural disasters threaten. You won’t find a more durable form of construction than a poured concrete wall basement.

Read more about the benefits of concrete foundations, as well as some issues to consider, by following the links below.

Benefits of Poured Wall Concrete Foundation Construction
Poured concrete walls provide builders and owners with stronger, drier, better basements.
Advantages of Lower Level Living
Poured concrete foundations and basements create a Lower Level Living space that is both functional and livable.
Concrete Cracking
  The Concrete Foundations Association has produced a new flyer to help contractors educate their customers about the causes of cracks and when they should be a concern.
Wall Reinforcement
  The majority of concrete residential foundation walls by code can be constructed without vertical reinforcement.  When reinforcement is required however, current codes call for excessive reinforcement.  The information contained in this CFA Technical Note is intended to serve as a guide to assist in the interpretation of more realistic design requirements for the design of traditional one and two family dwelling units.
Proper Backfilling Keys
  Backfilling a basement foundation wall is one of the most important processes to protect the integrity of the wall design.  Understanding the conditions assumed for the foundation and proceeding with caution will ensure a lifetime of quality performance.  Proceeding carelessly and without regard for the soil condition or the structural principals may result in the development of long term problems.
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