Letter from the Director – It’s Convention Time!

IT’S CONVENTION TIME! The flurry of emails, the flashy new mailer, the social media blitz and even the new App signal that it is Convention time. In actuality, it is never not Convention time around this office. Convention is what we think about all year long. We begin planning next year’s event even before we […]


The Concrete Foundations Association announces Concrete Foundations Convention 2017, consisting of both a 3-day professional pass and a 1-day opportunity to interact with the Concrete Foundations Convention in Nashville, TN on July 20, 2017. The 1-day registration is extended to the regional industry for companies wishing to expose their key workforce to a great concrete […]

Why Attend Convention

Between podcasts, YouTube tutorials, webinars and google.com, why would I invest the time and money to attend a convention? What will I learn there that I can’t learn online? If this is your mindset, I challenge you to take your company to the next level and explore the real benefits of attending your industry events, […]

Impressed To Success

Many years ago, a customer made the comment that he only wanted to do business with successful people. He explained, part of being successful is acting successful and dealing with successful people. The mission of this Association for the past forty years has been to promote and help Concrete Contractors along the path to success. […]

Reflections on CFA Convention 2015 From My Perspective

Why is convention so important to this industry? What do you, as a leader, take away from this event? There are few limitations within a network of people who share a common goal. Together, they push the boundaries of their industry, create a higher demand for their products and services, foster healthy relationships and fuel innovation. As we begin to prepare for another convention […]

What You Miss When Time Can’t Be Made

Here we are amid the torrid pace of autumn. To most of us it is the 3rd quarter of a very busy year, perhaps the best year even for some. At the CFA, it is the 1st quarter of what our staff and our Board of Directors sees as presenting another opportunity for continued growth and a dramatic […]

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