Controlling the Costs Surrounding Worker Place Injury is in Your Hands

…you should consider that all injuries take a toll on your company. When considering work place injuries, you should examine your pre-accident and post-accident planning. A new client recently told me during one of our first meetings, “Every day is risk”. That same new client two months later grieves over a fatality on their job […]

Letter from the President: Why We Persevere

This issue’s letter from the CFA Board President: Why We Persevere David Martinson Martinson Construction   I read a history document not long after joining the Board that talked about the original ideas for forming this Association. I found it of great interest to see how we compared today with the ideas such strong industry leaders had […]

RISK Management: You Have The Job!

But is your insurance coverage what it should be? “You have the job!” You are off to the races. It is astonishing that subcontractors often commence work on a project without defined terms of indemnification or having matched their insurance coverage with the indemnification terms of the contract. We have all heard the stories about insurance companies paying claims for no reason or when they […]

TOTAL COST OF RISK: The Five Fundamentals of Insurance

HAVE YOU EVER CALCULATED THE UNEXPECTED HIDDEN SOFT COSTS THAT BECOME A PART OF YOUR TRUE INSURANCE EXPENSES? By Christopher J. Mowery, ARM CRIS Client Service Supervisor Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Everyone knows that premium, losses, and exposures contribute, but the true nitty-gritty of how a company could meaningfully impact their Total Cost of […]

The Time Has Come

Letter from the Executive Director Those who regularly receive this magazine know I have written several times about the formation of an insurance captive for CFA members. Over the past months the insurance market, as well as efforts to start this captive, have taken significant turns – one for the worse, one for the better. […]

Insurance – Are you in a competitive advantage or disadvantage?

Are you aware that we are heading toward a very hard market for insurance? A hard market is a time when the insurance companies have complete control and power over the service and protection they provide to you, their customer, as well as the rate at which they provide it. You may be at a […]

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