CFA Members Urged to ‘Stand Down’ for Coronavirus Safety

CFA, in partnership with the NAHB, is urging our members, and all residential construction companies, to halt work for at least 10 minutes on Thursday, April 16, for a COVID-19 Job Site Safety Stand Down to educate workers on what they should do to keep themselves safe from coronavirus and to help “flatten the curve” […]

Residential Construction now labeled an “Essential Infrastructure Business” by DHS

Over the past couple of weeks, the Concrete Foundations Association, in combination with the North American Concrete Alliance (NACA), NAHB and many others in both the residential construction sector and other labor organizations have been working tirelessly to demonstrate the need to keep construction moving forward. We are proud to report that the Department of […]


This contractor believes that industry involvement is the key to success. By Zack Zerndt:  As published by Concrete Construction Magazine. As a builder who had difficulty finding a concrete contractor who could install foundations when he needed them, Dennis Purinton took matters into his own hands. Purinton Builders Inc. opened in 1984 and his son, Michael, […]

40 Is The New 30!

So what does it look like for an association to turn the calendar to its 41st year? This is a particularly poignant question one might ask in an industry that is as pressing and full of hard work as that of the concrete industry.  But what of the people, the places and the technologies found […]

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