Innovative Product Reshapes Concrete Use Forever

By SARAH WRIGHT | The Municipal In areas with harsh winter conditions, concrete takes a beating. Common deicers can result in calcium oxychloride growth that rots concrete joints, and freeze-and-thaw cycles cause surface delamination or scaling. Such deterioration proves frustrating when it occurs well before the concrete’s life expectancy is up. However, an innovative product […]

A New Year Brings Forth New Leaders

Introducing the New Board Members for the Concrete Foundations Association It is hard for many to believe how quickly the time flies, yet here we are in February with half the fiscal year already behind the Association and a race to the finish already in mind.  This race has more than one meaning and significant […]

Comparing Innovative Concrete Material Options for a Residential Home

It’s no secret that the unparalleled COVID-19 pandemic has had some unpredictable impacts on industries worldwide. For the first time since 2010, the cost of construction has fallen. However, material costs are rising.  In June alone, raw material costs rose by 2.2%. The price of lumber jumped 16.5% in July and is up 19% overall. […]

Bartley Corp – 50 Years in Business

A founding member of the Concrete Foundations Association, two generations of Board presidents and now Legacy Committee members, a Certified Residential Foundation Company and a host of awards, Bartley Corp is a celebrated CFA member.  It is their engagement and active involvement in this Association and all of the organizations they are committed to, sharing […]

Celebrating Membership Anniversaries

Every year during Concrete Foundations Convention, members are recognized for the membership milestones they have achieved.  This year, with the event held in a virtual campus, the ceremonial Awards banquet was set-aside and the Projects of the Year competition held live during the week for viewing and voting.  Milestone anniversaries are celebrated for just about […]

Congratulations…O’Risky Excavating Turns 25!

O’Risky Excavating has been a member of the Concrete Foundations Association since 2014.  President and owner, Jeff O’Risky, now serves as a member (2018) of the Board of Directors and has been an active participant in networking within the Association since joining. “Jeff has been one of those guys you just immediately feel energy from,” […]

Joe Carr, Custom Concrete (1934-2021)

The Concrete Foundations Association owes considerable gratitude to Joe Carr of Custom Concrete (member since 1986) a true pioneer in this industry.  His passing leaves both a hole in the spirit that established this Association and a legacy of leadership to continue building the future.  “Joe had a very influential part in allowing me to […]

Why Wait to Form Walls on Cold-Weather Footings?

by JAMES R. BATY II  As most contractors realize, it is quite normal for walls to still be formed on footings the next day (or two) during the colder months of December to March. While concrete does gain strength at a slower rate during this time of the year, the footing concrete placed with just […]

Getting Paid

Among the many advancements this Association has made for its members over the last decade, the growing affinity programs, those services and contract opportunities that bring you significant discounts or performance advantages, are among our greatest source of pride.  One such program is that from C2C Resources, a global commercial collections agency.  Established at the […]

Five Areas of Focus

The Board of Directors of the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) got together late last year to determine the direction of the association for the next several years.  The strategic planning meeting spanned three days and covered issues regarding the foundation industry. Our goal for the meeting was to determine how to improve our members’ businesses, […]

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