Shut Down: DOT Compliance in the Twenty-First Century

Shut Down: DOT Compliance in the Twenty-First Century   What do you think about DOT compliance? Do you consider it your number one concern? Number two? Number three? The chances are it is not something that you think about very much. In your industry, DOT compliance has simply not been that big of a problem […]

CFA Now Offers Members A Hot Line

CFA adds new member benefit…Hotline You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Although there are two different forums available through LinkedIn, the private CFA Members group and the public Concrete Foundations group, we realize that this may be more difficult to use than you prefer. Following the CFA Board Strategic Planning effort in Minneapolis this Spring, CFA […]

CFA Online News

CFA Continues to grow online presence for Concrete Facts… CFA’s publication Concrete Facts has received a new online presence. We are pleased to announce that current news and an increasing amount of historical articles, press releases and information is now available directly from our homepage. Searchable archives by issue date, keywords and primary subjects or […]


Imagine yourself on the phone tomorrow bidding for a foundation contract, but you tell the general contractor “I am a CFA Certified Contractor”. His response will be one of surprise and admiration. Ten years from now his response will be “I only hire Certified CFA Contractors.” Get in on the ground floor of a new […]

The Road That Lies Ahead

2013 CFA Convention Theme The Road That Lies Ahead ‘The Road That Lies Ahead’ is the theme of the CFA Annual Summer Convention this year. Hopefully you have already made your plans to attend because this year’s event promises to be the best line-up for education we have ever presented. To use Scott Smith’s words, […]

Irving Equipment Sells Largest Concrete Pump in North America During WOC 2013

This year’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas was a highly successful event for Irving Equipment. Irving once again proved to be one of the dominant forces in the industry, with the sale of the largest concrete pump in North America; a Concord 65-meter, which sold during the show. In addition, our display was complete with quality equipment […]

8 Steps To Prevent Construction Site Theft

by Kimberly Hegeman, originally published on   Theft and vandalism account for $1 billion a year in losses and other costs to contractors; here’s how to prevent it from happening at your jobsites Construction equipment and material theft is big business, and it’s growing. Estimates say that theft and vandalism account for $1 billion a year in losses and other costs to builders, a number […]

What Does the Future Hold?

The following article is a synopsis of the January 16, 2013 PCA Market Intelligence Residential Construction Outlook. For a pdf of the full report, contact Ed Sauter ( or Jim Baty ( RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION OUTLOOK Conditioned pessimism. That is the term Ed Sullivan, chief economist for the Portland Cement Association, used to describe the attitude and outlook of citizens, businesses […]

Post-Injury Testing

To efficiently and effectively manage workers’ compensation claims, many companies have implemented a program for injured workers to undergo a physical capability evaluation and functional assessment of the major muscle groups of knees, shoulders and low back along their entire range of motion in both extension and flexion. This evaluation will show the injured worker’s current physical abilities and aid […]

Are We Really A Family?

Dear CFA Brothers and Sisters, Many institutions claim to have a “family” environment. Is “family” an overused cliché…or is it real? This March, we at the Bartley Corporation, lost a dear friend and long-time employee. Betty was our dispatcher, also known as “Mother-Central”. Our employees sprang into action to help her, stood beside her, and continue to grieve her loss. We will never […]

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