Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Recommends Return to Inch-Pound

At their recent meeting on November 9, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) Board of Directors urged all CRSI producer members to revert to an inch-pound bar marking system for all sizes and grades of deformed reinforcing steel products. CRSI members produce more than 90% of domestic reinforcing steel. The intention of this resolution is for all new rollings of reinforcing steel […]

Fall Protection Systems in Residential Construction:FORMWORK SCAFFOLD BRACKETS – A Feasibility Study

Dear CFA Members- In the wake of last year’s decision by OSHA to rescind the rule allowing residential contractors to walk atop concrete walls, I know that many of you have searched for a feasible way to be OSHA compliant and most have found nothing. Could that be because walking atop formwork is the safest way to accomplish the […]

OSHA Videos Focus On How To Protect Construction Workers

Two- to four-minute videos (English and Spanish versions) cover falls, workers struck by vehicles, sprain and strain injuries, trenching and excavation hazards, and carbon monoxide poisoning Created: November 14, 2011 The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration released 13 educational videos about potential hazards in the construction industry. The educational videos are easy to understand, […]

Why I Remain A Member!

The CFA has been a volunteer choice for our business and my family for 25 years. We’ve been involved as directors on the CFA Board, we’ve been to countless events like the Summer Convention and we put a lot of effort into being a CFA member. For years, we’ve not been shy in stating that we get far more […]

IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME… What are you waiting for?

We’re turning the calendar in less than a month by the time you read this and all indicators point to two things; 1) the market is turning as quickly as a super liner stuck in icefilled waters and 2) companies are trying to find new ways to resource ideas and test possibilities. It is also […]


Most of us are familiar with the name Andrew Carnegie, the industrial giant and shrewd investor from over a century ago. We’ve heard he was a man who both acquired and then gave away enormous amounts of wealth and who said, “The man who dies rich thus dies disgraced.” Less known is how Carnegie was driven to pass on his secrets of success to […]

Insurance Captive – Yes, You Need To Know

I last wrote about the CFA Insurance Captive in this forum a little over a year ago so its time to get on the pulpit yet again. If this were a normal business climate, the captive would have been in operation for nearly a year. We need approximately $3 million premiums to meet the threshold for the underwriter and […]

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