MEMBERSHIP IS ABOUT CONNECTION In this day and age of recessed (or depressed) economies, reduced margins and management stress, a new era of connectedness and networking has blossomed in the CFA. When the going was really good, members shared openly and frequently about the great new technologies they had acquired or the new process that they were successfully implementing. These were discussions that offered a lot of promise […]

Bilco Company Celebrates 85 Years

The Bilco Company is pleased to announce that it has marked 85 years of service to the building industry. A third-generation family-owned company, Bilco is widely known for designing and manufacturing high-quality specialty access products for residential and commercial construction markets. What began as a neighborhood iron shop in 1926, when George W. Lyons, Sr. started The Builders Iron Company […]

CFA Loses Member Dana Pelletier

Dana Gerard Pelletier, 62, of 5 Rollingreen Rd. Greenville, SC., died unexpectedly Sunday, February 6, 2011 of natural causes. He was the owner and founder of Action Concrete Contractors Inc. Mr. Pelletier is survived by his loving wife, Libby Childers; his mother-in-law, Lib Childers of Rock Hill, SC; two sons, William Dana and wife Mollie, Dustin Thomas and wife Tabatha; […]


This month we feature another article by the talented author, Robert Wilson. Writer of The Un-comfort Zone, Mr. Wilson is always able to convey a message of focus, growth and sensibility that can be applied to each of our businesses. What is your company doing to educate key individuals? What steps is your company taking to educate all personnel? World […]

OSHA RULES: A New Normal

by Jim Baty, CFA Technical Director, In an increasing environment of employee protection and conservatism for risk management, OSHA has completed work on two major areas affecting the residential foundation industry. Depending on the scope of your business and the project types you are involved, your company should immediately begin taking the steps necessary to educate and ensure compliance. Your CFA membership can be […]

Voice Over Internet Protocol (Tech Bit 50)

You would think everyone has heard about VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is advertised on TV by a number of companies, especially Vonage. But apparently not. If your long distance bill is more than $30, it might be worthwhile to investigate VoIP as a cost saving opportunity. One option in VoIP is a service like Vonage, Broadvoice, etc. Most cable companies also offer […]

CFA Is At Work to Change The Foundation Industry

Spring is finally here, the snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the CFA is growing!! That’s right, thanks to the dedicated efforts of members like Dennis Purinton and Jim Bartley, the CFA already has 10 new members this year. Ten more companies about to discover how the CFA is at work to change the foundation industry. From “raising the bar” with our Certified Contractor […]

Wintergreen, Virginia — Summer 2011

Our goal is to make certain you come away with at least one tip, idea, or contact that will pay for the entire trip – hopefully several times over. In the last “From the Director” I expounded on the beauty of the area and the very reasonable rate for rooms this year ($119 for a single room). We are still working on the budget […]

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