A New American National Standard For Material Placement Safety

RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ALL PERSONNEL ON A CONCRETE POUR ARE NOW SPECIFIED IN ASME B30-2014 The American National Standard for material placement system safety is ASME B30.27. (Material placement systems are concrete pumps and concrete conveyors.) ASME has released B30.27-2014. It is currently available as an electronic download and as a printed booklet. The date of issuance […]

Management Corner: Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse Comments

CFA MEMBER, FOLEY CARRIER SERVICES HAS SUBMITTED COMMENTS TO THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION REGARDING THE PROPOSED DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING CLEARINGHOUSE. While there was a lot to like about the rules, they feel that FMCSA needs to make some practical changes before they are ready. This update is republished from their Fast-FaxTM to keep you better […]

The Social Age Evolutionary Workplace

…VERY LITTLE HAS CHANGED IN HOW WE HIRE AND MANAGE STAFF – WHICH HAS LED TO LOW EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY AND HIGH EMPLOYEE TURNOVER….WE MUST EVOLVE OUR BUSINESS PRACTICES… by Kim Seeling Smith The war for talent is over and talent has won. Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work over the last 20 […]

Management Corner: 10 Steps to Reduce Employment Related Risk

ATTEND CFA CONVENTION IN SANDUSKY, OHIO FOR MORE FROM DAVID WHITLOCK ABOUT EMPLOYER ISSUES As we are now about halfway through 2014, it is a perfect time to take the temperature of your employment compliance. There are a number of important changes in the law as well as compliance matters that you need to stay on […]


NEW MEMBERS | NEW BENEFITS | STRONG FOUNDATIONS This is an exciting time for the Concrete Foundations Association. Many of you are part of that energy and excitement and many of you are benefitting from it. At no time in the last decade has membership been growing as fast as it is right now and […]

40 Years of Evolution Another Milestone

The CFA will celebrate its 40th year of service to the residential concrete foundation industry at this year’s Summer Convention in Sandusky, Ohio. I have been with the CFA for just over half of that time. During that period, a lot has happened to the nation; the concrete industry; technology; our member businesses, and the […]

This Experience Has Served Me

Isn’t it enjoyable to see good people do good work? We are blessed to have a strong team of impressive individuals at our foundation company. Our team has a nice blend of people in different stages of their lives, and their careers. To be successful, we need a mix of new learners, skilled workers, coordinators, […]

Marketing Corner: Building Your New Marketing Program

Q&A WITH NORTHERN CONCRETE Leveraging digital media and relationships may be about as far from your mindset as a concrete contractor as is venturing into new market such as high-rise core construction. The complex world of Google, Yahoo, facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram, Pinterest and a host of others has for many turned competent and savvy […]

OSHA Whistleblower Investigations

Employers need to make sure their policies and practices do not violate the law by Jim Rogers, jimrogers@asu.edu   As contractors, we are all aware of OSHA and its role in protecting the health and safety of our workforce. Many contractors send their personnel to receive training related to record keeping requirements and job site regulations; however, one area that is often […]

Code Corner: Impact of Codes

WHAT IMPACT ARE THE CURRENT CODES, REGULATIONS , AND STANDARDS HAVING ON YOUR COMPANY? The latest information on regulations, codes and standards that we have been tracking and working with has been prepared for your reference. What impact are these having on your company? What will be the largest hurdles in your implementation and preparation […]

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