COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for Insulating and Finishing Poured Concrete Walls benefits Contractor, Builder and Homebuyer

CertainTeed’s T-RocTM Thermal Laminate Foundation Insulation System equips contractors with a tool to save builders money and provide extra living space for homebuyers — without the additional construction and labor costs associated with traditional basement finishing. Using the T-RocTM Thermal Laminate Foundation Insulation System, the builder is able to bypass several costly, time-intensive tasks typically involved with finishing below-grade concrete walls, and offer a prized upgrade to prospective home buyers–a […]


DELTA®-FOOTING BARRIER is a 3-ply sheet membrane containing a polyester needle punched fabric, a polyethylene barrier, and an ant-slip surface layer. Its primary purpose is to act as a capillary break between the footing and the foundation wall to prevent the capillary rise of moisture. Building Code in several jurisdictions across North America have begun to require basements to be insulated to […]


The Bilco Company has enhanced its stakWEL® Window Well System, a modular system of units that are stacked together to accommodate virtually any foundation depth. The new design features high-density polyethylene inserts that add strength and rigidity to withstand adverse freeze/thaw and site-settling conditions. Inserts also simplify the backfilling process and lock modules together to create a cohesive window well assembly. The interlocking modular design of the […]

Hit The Deck!

As foundation contractors your focus in this recession is certainly obtaining work…any work and as much of it as you can. One way to secure more work in this down economy (and into the future) is to do more on the jobs you do get. Your crews are on the job, your equipment is there, the concrete pump is […]

ADDIDRIVE SYSTEM DEBUTS on Putzmeister America, Inc.’s 70Z

The Addidrive system, the first of its kind in North America, is an innovative front drive system that provides over 12,000 pounds (5,443kg) of traction force to aunit’s tractor steer axles giving it an incredible 10×10 drive configuration. The system is featured on Putzmeister America, Inc.’s 70Z truck-mounted concrete boom pump. “With the ability to be activated on the fly, this feature is especially helpful when […]

IMPROVED WALL SURFACES. Cleaner Forms & Cleaner Application. Lower Applied Cost.

Alumi-Con from Nox-Crete Products Group is a chemically reactive, low odor, low VOC, super concentrated form release agent specifically formulated for use on aluminum forms. Alumi-Con is Green Engineered™ and is manufactured to be safer for both the applicator and the environment through the use of safer raw materials. IMPROVED WALL SURFACES. Nox-Crete’s Alumi-Con off ers the consistent, quality performance expected of a Nox-Crete form […]

WHEN QUALITY MEETS VALUE Zoomlion 40-meter Boom Pump

During the World of Concrete 2009, CIFA USA, Inc., the management group for Zoomlion America, introduced the new ZLJ 40X-4Z. Th is is the 1st concrete boom pump unit produced exclusively for the North American marketplace in cooperation of the two newly joined groups at their Milwaukee Wisconsin facility. “We planned the unit knowing that the American buyer not only looks for a great […]

Great Reasons to Head to Amelia Island

I hope to see you this summer at the CFA 33rd annual Summer Convention July 29 – Aug 1, 2009 in Amelia Island Plantation, Florida. With the economy the way it is I can understand if you are thinking maybe we should sit this one out. Let me give you some great reasons why you should attend. Education – […]

Education, Education, Education

The CFA Summer Convention 2009 is all about education. We may be in a down economy but CFA staff feels they have assembled one of the strongest educational programs ever. Our most popular presenters over the past 12 years have been recalled to active duty to serve the needs of members. Topics are relevant and should be indispensable as we enter the recovery (it is […]

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