CFA Summer Meeting Shake-Up

The CFA Summer Convention for 2009 is moving full speed ahead. We haven’t been to the ocean since Myrtle Beach and the venue for 2009, Amelia Island Plantation on the coast between Florida and Georgia, is a fantastic location. Every room has a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the pools and patios of the resort, like the photo below, overlook the readily accessible […]

ANSI Approves National Green Building Standard

WASHINGTON -The National Green Building Standard for all residential construction work including single-family homes, apartments, and condos, land development and remodeling and renovation was approved in January by the American National Standards Institute. “The National Green Building Standard is now the first and only green building rating system approved by ANSI, making it the benchmark for green homes,” said Ron Jones, who chaired the consensus committee charged with developing the […]

Welcome our new member!

In each issue of Concrete Facts we bring you the companies that have most recently made the decision to join this Association with goals of improving their business and their employees. This month, this list includes: Commercial Contracting Corporation 4260 N Atlantic Blvd Auburn Hills MI 48326 248-209-0435  Silvio Amato

Your Membership = Your Partner During The Tough Times

Continuing to feel the effects of this deepening recession? Your Association is working to bring you increased value to your membership dollars while providing ways to diversify your company and build your corporate image. One way the CFA can help you in this 2009 fi scal cycle, is a two-for-one membership in both the Concrete Foundations Association and the Concrete Homes […]

Look At The Bright Side

There is a bright side to what most of us are going through in this recession. I know at times it does not feel that way, but there are some positives. As we contract in size, reduce, conserve and find new opportunities for revenue we are setting our companies up for a more efficient profitable future. During the good years, […]

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