Concrete Facts magazine sat down with CFA Technical Director, Jim Baty to find out more about this program for you. See what Jim had to say about this very important membership benefit. Why should your members consider this award program? Awards programs are created to do two primary things. The first is to raise awareness of the professionalism and quality of the market that they surround and […]


Carol Mulready and her company CBJ Foundations was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” during the annual Harold Webster Smith Awards presentation at the Waterbury, CT Chamber of Commerce January meeting. The RepublicanAmerican newspaper writes: “Mulready, 52, is one of the three small business owners in the region who will be honored Thursday at the 12th annual Harold Webster Smith […]


In February, the CFA Certification Program took a major step forward with the first public offering of the Foundation Technician Certification Exam. During the World of Concrete, thirty four (34) persons attended the inaugural technician seminar and twenty eight (28) sat for the exam. This very challenging exam is not for the curious of mind as evidenced by […]

Certification Has Arrived!

CFA’s Certification program is exceeding our expectations! Since the inaugural kick off last summer at the “08”, summer meeting in New Mexico the program now boasts seven (7) fully certified companies and thirty (30) certifi ed technicians with fifty one (51) individuals having taken the exam. The momentum the program has going can be seen in the number of inquires CFA is getting by foundation […]

Certification Expands Certified Foundation Technician Designation Created

The CFA Certifi ed Foundation Contractor program has exceeded all expectations since it was introduced at the 2008 Summer Convention. Not only have more companies than anticipated signed up for the program; several companies have joined the CFA simply to participate. Many more are attending the preparatory seminar and sitting for the basic knowledge exam. You do not need […]

8 Reasons to Feel Good About the Economy

by Kevin Stirtz Despite all the bad news we hear in the media, there are good things happening in our economy. You just have to look past the popular headlines. Before I go any further, I’ll say this. I am NOT a financial or economic expert. Not even close. So, please don’t take what I’m saying as gospel. It’s not. It’s just my opinion and the opinions […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to Professional Associations

by Kim Douglas When the economy is in a slump, most of us look for ways to reduce spending, ruthlessly slashing every expenditure that doesn’t deliver direct bottom-line benefit. But sometimes well-intended cost-cutting can fall victim to the law of unintended consequences. Take professional organization membership, for example. You might think your annual dues, event fees and other association costs are fat that can […]

What You Missed at World of Concrete

The World of Concrete 2009 has come and gone. Much trepidation and cautious anticipation existed as time marched toward this event. Above all, our industry needed to know the impact that this recession would have on both the number and the attitude of the attendees as a predictor of what is to come. Face it; we’re all tired of listening to the media and the […]

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