The first qualification exam for the CFA Cast-In-Place Concrete Foundation Contractor Certification Program was recently completed by CFA at the Summer Convention in Arizona. Exams were administered on Wednesday, August 2, 2008 and Saturday, August 5, 2008. They were preceded by a review seminar. Interested companies sent 21 persons to sit for the 2-hour exam. “The response to this initial […]

Basement of the Year WINNERS

The home for the new millennium—it continues to astound in complexity and size. Even more impressive is the increasing requirements for concrete work generating complex foundation support for these homes as well as becoming integral to the finished appearance. The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) – a North American network dedicated to improving the residential concrete industry by building better businesses and improving codes and standards – […]

Recapping the CFA Convention 2008 What Defi nites Success?

The 2008 Summer Convention has come and gone and with all the concern building up to this event for the industry, the economy and the ability to make such a business decision weighing; ask anyone in attendance and they’ll say the CFA hit a home run. We don’t need to convince you of the scenery or the quality of the hotel that was chosen […]


Kim Robert Steveley, 71, former Business Manager and partner with Ed Sauter, died Saturday, July 26, 2008, following a long illness. Surviving, in addition to his wife, Julia, are two sons, Marc Steveley of Austin, Texas, and David Steveley of Fort Collins, Colo.; a daughter, Tracy Cullinan of Worthington, Minn.; a brother, Kip Steveley of Rochester Hills, Mich.; and two grandchildren, […]


During the CFA Annual Convention, held in August at the Hyatt Tamaya in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, the attending members elected Tom Brown of TJ Construction Unlimited Inc. in Ely, Iowa and Jerry Hoyer of Hoyer Poured Walls Inc. of Marysville, Ohio to serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors. In addition, Jim Rowe of Fastrac Foundations in […]


After wrapping up the CFA Summer Convention in New Mexico, I was extremely impressed with the energy and participation of all the attendees. Thank you’s need to go out to Ed Sauter and Jim Baty for what I believe is the best summer convention I have attended. The content and theme “How to Survive a Down Economy” were timely and meaningful. The energy level and excitement […]


My “From the Director” column two issues ago presented some of the details of the CFA initiative to form a CFA self-insurance “Captive”. The CFA Board of Directors is ready to move forward with the CFA Self-Insurance Captive, but we need member participation to make it happen. This has the potential to be the biggest single benefit for CFA members with regard to financial payback. It […]

THE UN-COMFORT ZONE… What’s Pushing Your Buttons?

by Robert Wilson What motivates you? That’s the question I’d like to ask in this inaugural column on motivation. Are you motivated by fame, fortune or fear. Or is it something deeper that fans the flames inside of you. Perhaps you are like Jeanne Louise Calment whose burning desire enabled her to do something that no other human being has done before. A feat so spectacular […]

Bilco Company Offers 2008 Residential Products Catalog

The Bilco Company has announced its availability of its 2008 Residential Products Catalog. The catalog, which includes information on the company’s complete line of the IRC 2006-code compliant basement projects, is available free of charge by calling 800-854-9724 or emailing Bilco at The new catalog offers information on their full line of basement doors, including the Classic Series Sloped Wall and Steel Sided doors and […]

Round Three of Management Moves is Ready!

Dear CFA Member, Over the past year, our Management Committee has been working hard to develop the content for a new series of information products that deliver tips and tricks we all use for the management of our businesses. Attend one CFA event and the first thing you realize is how much collective business expertise exists between the companies of this Association, […]

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