Western Forms Inc has created a new partnership with B.E.P. Forming Systems Inc, previously headquartered in Fayetteville, Georgia. The newly formed entity, B.E.P. Forming Systems, L.L.C. will be headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Greg Peacock, Founder of B.E.P. Forming Systems will serve as Vice President/General Manager of the newly formed entity. Mr. Peacock and his […]

Introducing ‘Management Moves’

Over the past year, our Management Committee has been working hard to develop the content for a new series of information products that deliver tips and tricks we all use for the management of our businesses. Attend one CFA event and the first thing you realize is how much collective business expertise exists between the […]

We Are Built of Concrete

Preparing for each issue of Concrete Facts, I have discussed with CFA Staff ideas on the Association calendar and the state of the industry.” Looking at the final issue for 2007 was no different and the message I received from them was one to perhaps offer an inspirational letter about staving off winter and the […]

Concrete Homes Council

The CFA recently went through the strategic planning process during which it mapped out its goals for the future. The Concrete Homes Council recently went through a similar, though less rigorous, self-analysis. The above grade market for concrete homes continues to expand but at a slower pace than anticipated. The consensus, however, is that there […]

Jim Niehoff Is New CHBC Chair

Since 1997, Jim Niehoff has served as the program manager for residential promotion at the Portland Cement Association. He has played an integral part PCA’s success in the growing residential market. While at PCA, Jim has served as the residential media spokesperson and as a liaison to NAHB and The New American Home. He also […]

Passing On Your Business

Look around today and your are likely to quickly see many discussions on transitioning your business to the next generation. Face it, the management minds that established the control of the residential industry by cast-in-place concrete are nearing retirement and the second or perhaps third generation of leadership now must take up the reigns. This […]

Eskers Celebrate 60 Years

CONGRATULATIONS Stay around the CFA long enough and you will meet some truly unique companies. We look no further this issue than the great town of Teutopolis, IL (some know it as Esker-ville) where the Esker family has celebrated 60 years of continual family-run business with their company, J.B. Esker & Sons, Inc. It’s hard […]

Marketing 101

It was once written, “These are the best of times, these are the worst of times…” and truly the residential industry feels that pain right now. Returning from the last two meetings we can truly say we’ve never heard such wide spread diversity to the message of the state of the industry. Places are busier […]

CFA Strategic Action Plan 2007

This past October, the CFA Board of Directors and several interested CFA members met in Salt Lake City, Utah for a daylong strategic planning workshop. This was the first such effort since 2003 when a similar workshop was conducted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The beginning of this effort identified one primary motivator for the theme of […]

It’s All About You!

Simply put, strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next several years, how it is going to get there, and finally determining a system to evaluate and measure the progress. At the recent Strategic Planning Session held in Salt Lake City, the Executive staff, Board of Directors, and numerous other members began […]

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