Most Valuable Technology In Concrete

  Concrete Construction Magazine polled the top 100 concrete contractors: “What is the most valuable new technology?” (in concrete) Here are the results: 1. New admixtures; highperformance concrete 2. New flooring and shoring systems 3. Maturity Testing 4. Riding trowels—bigger, better, faster 5. New layout equipment; GPS systems 6. Computerized payroll and management systems’ 7. Membership […]

CFA Introduces Safety Materials

Does your company have a current safety program? Even if it does, are you constantly looking for new, updated and fresh material to present – in English and Spanish? Look no longer! The CFA Board of Directors approved a partnership with Safety Services Company (SCC) at its March board meeting in Minneapolis, which will provide […]

Tunnelform Construction = Increased Productivity & Better Quality

SOUTHEAST CAPITAL PARTNERS’ CONDOS IN METRO ATLANTA UTILIZE INNOVATIVE CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE Tunnelform Construction Increases Productivity and Results in Better Quality Homes at The Manhattan Southeast Capital Partners, developers of the only high-rise luxury condominium in Dunwoody, Georgia, The Manhattan, are utilizing the Outinord tunnelforming system in the construction of these highly anticipated condominium homes. Touted for its […]

New Home for Growing Family Wins ACI Award for Bartley Corporation

Bartley Corporation of Ashton, MD recently won an award for excellence in concrete construction by the Maryland Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ACI). The project and team members were recognized at the Excellence in Concrete Awards Banquet on Wednesday, June 1, 2005. The concrete house was one of their own – a home for Jim […]

Getting Customers Stuck On YOU

Voice mail, email, snail-mail, direct mail, in person calls – there’s never been more possible ways to reach and grow customers. Then why all the sad faces? You know – unreturned calls, emails, direct mailers flushed down the circular file. Are your methods not working like they used to? Buyers are too busy to win […]

Martinson Construction Provides T-MASS System Basement Demo

Energy performance is becoming increasingly important in residential construction. A critical component in this effort is insulation of the basement or foundation. Several systems exist to accomplish this including interior furring with insulation and exterior insulation. The Thermomass Sandwich wall system has been used for nearly twenty years with traditional modular forming systems but this […]

Saving the Environment

CFA MEMBERS NETWORK AS THEY DO THEIR PART TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT Snow Geese have multiplied to a point they are destroying the Arctic breeding grounds for other wildlife. So four CFA members felt it was their obligation to help control the snow goose population by going on a Spring Snow Goose Hunt. Maybe they […]

The CFA – Then and Now

Our little company first joined the old Poured Concrete Wall Contractors Association (PCWCA) I think in 1978. The meeting was in Cambridge, Mass., and my boss, Dan Lavy, and I flew out to see what this was all about. It was a fairly small group then, it seems to me that there weren’t more than […]

Looking Back – CFA Celebrates 30 Years

The Concrete Foundations Association will celebrate its 30th Anniversary at this summer’s meeting in San Francisco. What’s even harder to believe is that I will have been with the Association for nearly half of those years (14 to be exact). There have been a lot of changes in the industry and the Association during the past […]

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