CFA Foundation Fundamentals

Positive Drainage…Curing Compound…Fluid Pressure? What were those words the foundation contractor used during our meeting yesterday? Construction projects, like so many other business endeavors, are not without communication problems between parties. Many are associated with terminology that is common to the contractor, yet distinctly foreign to the customer or owner. Although the following list of […]

Change in Lumber Affects Contractors

New preservative treated lumber requires new fasteners, bolts and anchors for most building applications. Ohio, as well as other states, recently warned residents and the building industry to be aware of the lumber, anchors, and fasteners used on their construction projects. The preservative-treated lumber used for the last 60 years was deemed unusable because it contains […]

Construction Materials in Short Supply

As the construction season heats up for the summer, the economy improves and slow construction starts begin to turn around, report s are indicating possible cement shortages. In Florida, ready mix companies are on four-day-a-week allocations and California and other U.S. markets are also on or headed toward allocations. The domino effect is that demand […]

MTSU Unveils Degree in Concrete Construction

Where does one go to learn how to run a concrete construction business? Not the nuts and bolts of building a footing or wall, those are still best taught on-the-job. I’m talking about finance, estimating, managing personnel, marketing… the things that can make or break a business even if you pour the best wall in […]

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