CFA Board Member Changes Her Name

CFA board member Amanda Herbert married Josh Morris on Saturday, May 24th, 2003, in Allegan, Michigan. The couple exchanged vows in the company of family and friends, including CFA members: Charles Engelken, Bill Esker, Terry Lavy, Greg Peacock, and Arie Van Wyk. Congratulations Amanda Morris! Best wishes to you both!

CFA Website – Accessing and Working with Documents Online

Over the past couple of issues we have spent time together investigating the use of our member/non-member site access and dealing with the issues of membership maintenance and event registrations. This time around, I am taking you on an educational trip on the interaction with this site to view documents that we are providing to […]

Future Still Hopeful for Residential Construction Market

Construction Market Outlook of 2003 Second Quarter CONDENSED FROM FMI ANNUAL CONSTRUCTION OUTLOOK PUBLICATION Construction, like many other industries, suffered a disappointing start to 2003. However, residential construction proved to play a crucial role in the construction industry as a whole. To sum up the second quarter, the boom in residential construction may have peaked, […]

New Home Sales Rise Beyond The One-Million Mark in April

Sales of new single-family homes rose 1.7% in April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.03 million units, according to the Commerce Department. It is the third time this year that new-home sales went above the million-unit mark. New-home sales rose in three out of four regions in April, with gains of 13.4%, 0.6%, […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Cylinders

Dr. Heather Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Concrete Industry Management Program Middle Tennessee State University What could possibly go wrong? The better question to ask when talking about accurate cylinder breaks is what can’t go wrong. 6” by 12” concrete cylinders are the standard of checking in-place compressive strength for job performance, acceptance, checking mix proportion […]

Testing Concrete

The concrete testing process garners little attention from the construction industry – until a problem occurs. At that point, everyone is intensely interested and all the parties involved become, for the most part, adversaries. Here’s a true example from a personal experience. A commercial project with a lot of structural concrete allowed the general contractor […]

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