Change is Coming

J. Edward Sauter, CFA Executive Director The Board of Directors had a busy schedule during their meeting, Saturday, April 17th, especially with the discussion that ensued the prior day regarding membership and growth. Below are the highlights of action and discussion: NEW DUES STRUCTURE Dues for the association have not changed in several years while benefits […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Cylinders

Dr. Heather Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Concrete Industry Management Program Middle Tennessee State University What could possibly go wrong? The better question to ask when talking about accurate cylinder breaks is what can’t go wrong. 6” by 12” concrete cylinders are the standard of checking in-place compressive strength for job performance, acceptance, checking mix proportion […]

Testing Concrete

The concrete testing process garners little attention from the construction industry – until a problem occurs. At that point, everyone is intensely interested and all the parties involved become, for the most part, adversaries. Here’s a true example from a personal experience. A commercial project with a lot of structural concrete allowed the general contractor […]

Increasing Flow and Igniting Fire

Winning Advice for a Tough Economy by Mike Foti Do you sometimes feel like you are batting your head against a wall in your business? Prices are going south. Costs are going north. Margins are getting squeezed. Where is the magic “silver bullet” of success? The quick answer – it does not exist! If there […]

Spanish Foundation Fundamentals a Huge Success

The Foundation Fundamentals seminar held in Richmond, Virginia on October 19th was a huge success. What made this seminar unique was that it is the first time it has been offered in both Spanish and English. The CFA decided to offer the popular seminar in Spanish at the suggestion of area CFA board member Tim […]

Mobile Ready Mix Among New Techniques for Today’s Contractor

Imagine finding a way to capture a bit more control in your business, while at the same time reducing costs. Impossible? Not with the advent of mobile ready mix. Learn how one CFA member has implemented such a process change and the overwhelming results. The benefit is obvious – cost savings on concrete, no lost […]

CFA Board of Directors Update

The CFA Committees and Board of Directors met for a full day on October 17 in Richmond, Virginia. Below is a summary of some of the more important discussions and actions from the meetings. Structural Task Group The board authorized the establishment of a Structural Task Group to research, study, and review current trends toward […]

CFA and PCA Cast-In-Place Concrete Homes Brochure

In an effort of cooperation to grow the traditionally formed cast-in-place concrete homes market, the Concrete Foundations Association and the Portland Cement Association have produced a new brochure promoting the benefits of above grade concrete homes using traditional forming methods. The brochure was introduced at the National Association of Home Builders annual show recently in […]

CFA to Fund Energy Study

The CFA Board of Directors voted at their board meeting in Las Vegas to donate $3000 from the CFA Education and Research foundation to partially fund a study of the energy benefits of building with removable-form wall systems. The study, with a total cost of $15,000, is part of a PCA funded project that will […]

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