Safety Really Is Job #1

by Levi Schrock, chair of CFA Safety Committee Throughout the years, safety has been a subject of conversation at the CFA. We confess, however, that it has usually been brought up as a reaction to a hot topic posed by OSHA. Today, we hope to be advanced enough in our thinking to be talking about […]

ASSOCIATION NEWS: CFA Health and Safety Survey Says…

CFA conducted a survey on the state of safety education in member companies. The survey was the precursor for work being undertaken to develop a learning management system (LMS) and offer online courses for access by members of the Association, to bring better education to the workforce. Such an LMS not only elevates the quality […]

Opiates and Workers’ Compensation Injuries: Dangers and Solutions

In combating the epidemic of addiction, the U.S. Surgeon General has just announced plans to tackle alcohol and drug abuse, nationally—especially opioid addiction—urging doctors, policymakers and the public to ramp up efforts to combat the growing U.S. healthcare crisis.   The numbers are real!  Since 2000, the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids—Fentanyl, Percocet, Vicodin, […]

The Essentials of a Return to Work Program

Lost time is a term used by OSHA to describe the number days an injured employee is away from work, but lost money is what OSHA should really call it.  Each and every day an employee is away from work because of an injury or illness leads to greater losses to the employer and employee.  […]

Controlling Your Risks in the Ever-Changing Insurance Marketplace

Over the last few decades, the considerations involved in managing a company’s risks have drastically changed. Business risks that used to be inherent are much different today and, as a result, mitigation techniques are vastly different than those used in the ‘80s, ‘90s or even the ‘00s. As many business owners know, when it comes […]

Emergence of Risk

In the dynamic world we live in today, the only constant is change – whether it’s yourself, your industry, or the environment around you… Take a moment to think about your business. How has it changed in the past five years? Is your environment the same? How will that environment change in the next five […]

RISK Management: You Have The Job!

But is your insurance coverage what it should be? “You have the job!” You are off to the races. It is astonishing that subcontractors often commence work on a project without defined terms of indemnification or having matched their insurance coverage with the indemnification terms of the contract. We have all heard the stories about insurance companies paying claims for no reason or when they […]

TOTAL COST OF RISK: The Five Fundamentals of Insurance

HAVE YOU EVER CALCULATED THE UNEXPECTED HIDDEN SOFT COSTS THAT BECOME A PART OF YOUR TRUE INSURANCE EXPENSES? By Christopher J. Mowery, ARM CRIS Client Service Supervisor Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Everyone knows that premium, losses, and exposures contribute, but the true nitty-gritty of how a company could meaningfully impact their Total Cost of […]

RISK MANAGEMENT: Cyber Crime: An Evolving Threat

NOW IS THE TIME TO REVISIT THE TOPIC OF CYBERCRIME AS CRIMINALS HAVE ELEVATED THEIR GAME AND CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT MALICIOUS ATTACKS ON AMERICAN BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS By Kristen Long, Senior Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher In September 2014 I wrote an article titled “The Threat Posed by Cyber Criminals.” In the article, I […]

OSHA Extends Compliance Date for Crane Operator Certification Requirements

Industry News OSHA Extends Compliance Date for Crane Operator Certification Requirements WASHINGTON – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today issued a final rule extending the deadline for crane operator certification requirements in the Cranes and Derricks in Construction final rule* published Aug. 9, 2010 by three years to Nov. 10, 2017. The rule also […]

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