Identify Your Employees by the Theory of 21

“FOR EVERY PERSON WHO WILL SAY YES, THERE ARE TWENTY WHO WILL SAY NO. FOR A POSITIVE RESPONSE YOU MUST FIND THE TWENTY-FIRST PERSON.” – THE THEORY OF 21 by Chuck Reaves The CEO of an electronics company had an idea. He was a solid business person but was not as well-versed in electronics as […]

Management Corner: Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse Comments

CFA MEMBER, FOLEY CARRIER SERVICES HAS SUBMITTED COMMENTS TO THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION REGARDING THE PROPOSED DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING CLEARINGHOUSE. While there was a lot to like about the rules, they feel that FMCSA needs to make some practical changes before they are ready. This update is republished from their Fast-FaxTM to keep you better […]

OSHA Whistleblower Investigations

Employers need to make sure their policies and practices do not violate the law by Jim Rogers,   As contractors, we are all aware of OSHA and its role in protecting the health and safety of our workforce. Many contractors send their personnel to receive training related to record keeping requirements and job site regulations; however, one area that is often […]

THE UN-COMFORT ZONE: Defeating the De-Motivator

with Robert Wilson The sweet strains of a Puccini aria cut through the Saturday night clatter of the busy Italian restaurant in New York City, but it wasn’t coming from the aging voice of the Sicilian baritone who was hired to belt out favorites like Funiculi- Funicula. It was a soprano whose crystal clear voice filled the room. Within moments all the ambient noise came […]

35 Ways to Reduce the Expenses of Your Construction Firm

Across the United States, contractors report “hitting the wall” of minimal cash in the bank and project prospects. It is time for survival. Look no further than construction employment stagnation. Business expansion has not included the contracting community.  The basic rule “don’t run out of cash” takes on a whole new urgency. As you fight […]

Voice Over Internet Protocol (Tech Bit 50)

You would think everyone has heard about VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is advertised on TV by a number of companies, especially Vonage. But apparently not. If your long distance bill is more than $30, it might be worthwhile to investigate VoIP as a cost saving opportunity. One option in VoIP is a service like Vonage, Broadvoice, etc. Most cable companies also offer […]

Only the Remarkable Thrive

by Mike Foti A crowded marketplace. Hyper-competition. Trying to do more with less. The competitive treadmill has not just been taken up one notch, it’s been cranked up to full-blast! How do you not only survive, but more importantly, thrive in this environment? What are the winners doing to get results in this “full-blast” world? Recently, before a speaking engagement I delivered to a group of fast-growing companies I […]


Expert’s Campaign to Make Fixed-Price Contracts and Cost Containment the Industry’s New Normal Huge cost overruns and missed deadlines have long been the accepted norm for construction project operations. But as the economy struggles to fully recover, construction expert Barry LePatner stresses that these precepts can no longer define the nation’s most inefficient industry. He provides a proposal for hardwiring construction […]


This month we feature another article by the talented author, Robert Wilson. Writer of The Un-comfort Zone, Mr. Wilson is always able to convey a message of focus, growth and sensibility that can be applied to each of our businesses. We are beginning to start a new year. What moves did your company make to […]

8 Reasons to Feel Good About the Economy

by Kevin Stirtz Despite all the bad news we hear in the media, there are good things happening in our economy. You just have to look past the popular headlines. Before I go any further, I’ll say this. I am NOT a financial or economic expert. Not even close. So, please don’t take what I’m saying as gospel. It’s not. It’s just my opinion and the opinions […]

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