Oil on Rebar

by JAMES R. BATY II As published by Concrete Contractor Magazine. Created: August 21, 2013 The Concrete Foundations Association explains the code reference and common misconceptions regarding oil on rebar for residential concrete. Question: On several of our most recent residential projects, the inspector in our area has been complicating our pour schedule when finding form oil over-sprayed […]

Why Concrete Beats Wood

by JAMES R. BATY II As published by Concrete Contractor Magazine. Created: June 26, 2013 The Concrete Foundations Association explains why concrete foundations outperform wood in the majority of residential applications. The art, science and profession of residential concrete is centuries old, yet the farther we get from its origin the more complex the industry around us […]

Tech Talk: Footing Discontinuities According to Code

As Published by Concrete Homes Magazine (May-2006) by James Baty, CFA Editor’s Note: As part of our partnership with the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), the following article is the second in a series on residential construction codes. For more information, visit cfawalls.org or call (319) 895-6940. Codes are developed to provide assurance that structures are […]

Foundations Plus: Laying the Foundation

By: Foundations Plus, Utica, Oh The fall of 2003 marked the completion of a quarter century of service by our firm, Foundations Plus, owned and operated by Mahlon D. Eash and family. We began the business in 1978 to supplement the dairy farming income needed to support our family of ten children. In those early […]

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