Casting Residential Foundation Walls in Cold Weather

By James R Baty II, F.ACI, Executive Director During a recent CFA event, conversation took place regarding the research significance undertaken by the Association at the start of this new millennium – research that was, in most respects, the first of its kind. What plagued the industry at that time was scrutiny that concrete placed […]

Matching Form Release Agents to Application Methods: Part II

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: Matching Form Release Agents to Application Methods Part 2 of a 4-Part Series By Destry Kenning, Forming Market Segment Manager, Nox-Crete Products Group   Formwork requires a considerable investment, but even the best forms cannot produce the best results unless they are paired with the proper form release agent. To prevent the adhesion […]

Dealing With the Reactivity of Aluminum Forms and Concrete

By Destry Kenning, Forming Market Segment Manager, Nox-Crete Products Group   Part 1 of a 4-Part Series Anyone who has placed concrete against new or older reconditioned and not properly seasoned aluminum forms is most likely familiar with the veins or worm-like trails that form in the resulting concrete, and also familiar with the excessive […]

Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar in Load-Carrying Concrete Walls

by Samhar Hoz, Jeff Novak, Luke Pinkerton   Concrete walls are widely used in building construction. Concrete is strong in compression; however, its tensile strength is only 8 to 15 percent of the compressive strength. Thus, plain concrete does not have good tensile properties. Cracks can develop due to loads, restrained shrinkage, or temperature changes […]

Acceptable Tolerances for Residential Footings

As published in Concrete Contractor Magazine, August/September 2017. This column pertains to the nature of minimum requirements or specifications for the size of concrete footings in relation to the foundation walls they support. Question: I have a foundation that was poured and I am not impressed.  The footings were poured and when they set the […]

Confirming the Connection Detail for a Residential Footing

As published in Concrete Contractor Magazine, January/February 2017. This column is an expansion of the footing detail discussion offered in the December 2016 edition. In this issue, a CFA member asks for an interpretation of the cover requirements for dowels in a footing used to provide connection between the concrete footing and the foundation wall. […]

Code Minimum Foundation Heights Above Grade Are Important

As seen in The Washington Post, this Ask the Builder article by Tim Carter reinforces the information that has been presented for years by the Concrete Foundations Association. Carter provides sound advice: “keep the foundation well above grade. And also make sure the grade falls away from the foundation.”  To be specific, the 2015 International Residential […]

CFA Foundation Fundamentals

Positive Drainage…Curing Compound…Fluid Pressure? What were those words the foundation contractor used during our meeting yesterday? Construction projects, like so many other business endeavors, are not without communication problems between parties. Many are associated with terminology that is common to the contractor, yet distinctly foreign to the customer or owner. Although the following list of […]

Contractor’s Footing-Form Innovation Becomes a Competitive Advantage

Published by Concrete Contractor Magazine, April 23, 2014   In the early 1990s Barry Herbert, then president of Otsego, Mich.,-based concrete contractor Herbert Construction Co., learned an alternative method for forming footings. Barry spoke with Ron Colvin, a concrete contractor from Berrien Springs, Mich. about footing construction. The two had become friends through their membership with the Concrete Foundations Association of North […]

Casting Foundation Concrete in Cold Weather

Expanded from Q&A Article seen in Concrete Contractor magazine. by James R. Baty II, CFA Managing Director   The Concrete Foundations Association explains how commonly and effectively residential concrete foundations are constructed during the winter.   Question: Our foundations scheduled for installation these next few months will be affected by projected temperatures in the mid […]

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