Getting Paid

Among the many advancements this Association has made for its members over the last decade, the growing affinity programs, those services and contract opportunities that bring you significant discounts or performance advantages, are among our greatest source of pride.  One such program is that from C2C Resources, a global commercial collections agency.  Established at the […]

Five Areas of Focus

The Board of Directors of the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) got together late last year to determine the direction of the association for the next several years.  The strategic planning meeting spanned three days and covered issues regarding the foundation industry. Our goal for the meeting was to determine how to improve our members’ businesses, […]

Amazing Leaders…Amazing Minds!

This past October, the Board of Directors completed a three-day Strategic Planning event. The first such effort since 2012, our collective energies were still focused on the same general sense of goals and strategies, though constantly adapting to fit the needs of the membership and the industry. In nearly a decade that plan had been […]

The Times They Are a-Changin’

I have had this tumultuous and famous Bob Dylan ballad playing in my head for weeks now, as change is perhaps more noticeable during this season than during any other time of year. Color, temperature, atmosphere — all is evidencing a transformation. Serious storms, raging fires, a planet in stress — I wonder if Dylan […]

Moving the Association Forward

In July, the Concrete Foundations Association held our annual convention online. The virtual event was a big success and a bright spot in a summer filled with uncertainty. During that convention, I was elected president of the association. I am incredibly honored to serve this association and to follow in the footsteps of past presidents. […]

Summer is here!

I can scarcely believe that I’m uttering that statement. Where have the months gone? Technically speaking, it is still spring for me — but you will be reading this in the summer and wondering where the first half of the year has gone. Some stayed or worked from home, most pressed forward as essential businesses, […]

A Tough Start to the Year

In the last few months, we have experienced events that none of us could have imagined when 2020 started! We have experienced a health pandemic, quarantines, economic shut downs, protests, and riots. Some of us have had to shuttle or curtail most or our operations.   The world has changed in a very short period […]

Letter From the Director

Fear vs Caution We are now gripped by the global news of COVID-19, and we are being asked to remain flexible and nimble in our reactions and expectations. This pandemic is reaching into every aspect of our worlds, and, no doubt, you can already list numerous disruptions to your businesses and personal lives. One of […]

Letter from the President

Waging Battles Dear CFA Members and Associates, By the time you read this article, we will all have experienced something that has never before happened to any of us. On March 12, 2020, the world changed (seemingly overnight) both in business and socially. I assume we will be feeling the ramifications of this change for […]

Are You Willing to Reach Into Your Stocking?

In seemingly a blink of an eye, we have gone from our Concrete Foundations Convention in July, through the ACI Fall Convention in Cincinnati, and promptly right through Christmas and New Year’s Eve. While I am writing this a couple of weeks before that actually happens, I realize you are reading this after it has […]

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