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Joe Carr, Custom Concrete (1934-2021)

The Concrete Foundations Association owes considerable gratitude to Joe Carr of Custom Concrete (member since 1986) a true pioneer in this industry.  His passing leaves both a hole in the spirit that established this Association and a legacy of leadership to continue building the future.  “Joe had a very influential part in allowing me to begin managing the interests for the Association,” states Ed Sauter, former Executive Director.  “Bob Sawyer passed the torch to Roger Nielsen and then Roger decided to enter retirement, it was Joe and Larry Clark (Concrete Facts 27-2) whom I recall having the most to say about who would next manage the Association.”

In a press release, Custom Concrete released the following:

Custom Concrete (Westfield, Indiana) celebrates the life of its founder, Joe Carr, who went to be with the Lord on Saturday, January 23. Not only did Joe’s leadership impact the thousands of employees, customers, and partners over the years, but he led far beyond the walls of Custom Concrete through being a leader to his family, in the community, and his church.

In 1969, Joe moved to Westfield, Indiana, where he and his wife (Betty Carr) began their home framing business, Custom Framing. Over the years, Custom Framing became Custom Concrete and has operated as a family business for over 51 years. What started as a man and his truck grew toan enterprise of over 400 employees.

“We at Custom Concrete are saddened for the Carr family and the passing of Joe. We know his legacy will live far beyond his time on earth. Joe built a company on a solid foundation and commitment to values that have been instrumental in creating the company standards. Our company will forever have his imprint,” Jason Ells, Senior Vice President.

Followed by his memorial service, the procession drove through the Custom Concrete facility as a memorial tribute. The company ‘shut-down’ for a few hours to allow all employees to come remember Joe Carr and show the family support as the motorcade arrived. The team honors Joe and how he built a company rooted in a foundation for quality: character, service, relationships, and values.

“I recall fondly just how much Joe Carr helped my company in the early days,” stated Barry Herbert, chairman of Herbert Construction Company of Marietta, Georgia (member since 1992). “He was one of the first we met who was always opent to talk with anybody, share experiences about anything and took a real interest in our company.”

“One of my first recollections of Joe Carr was his coining of the phrase, ‘the ready to wear basement’, a basement we might today describe as turnkey,” stated Ron Ward, CEO of Western Forms (member since 1985).  “This basement concept had it all, fully waterproofed and ready for the builder to move in and build the house.  Not many guys were doing this at the time and it really set a standard.”

A private family service was held on January 26 in Lebanon, Indiana.  The family extends Joe’s wishes for any memorials to be directed to the Samaritan’s Purse: 

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