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Congratulations…O’Risky Excavating Turns 25!

O’Risky Excavating has been a member of the Concrete Foundations Association since 2014.  President and owner, Jeff O’Risky, now serves as a member (2018) of the Board of Directors and has been an active participant in networking within the Association since joining.

“Jeff has been one of those guys you just immediately feel energy from,” states James Baty, Executive Director for the Association. “He met us for the first time at World of Concrete and was looking for a colleague network he could learn from and contribute.  Since then, he has been a strong participant in many of the more regular and convenient methods of networking through the Hotline and our in-person events.  He has also been quick to jump into the convenience offered by the new digital in-person platform being used for Association events during this season of pandemic.”

One of the ways to get to know a company is through the eyes of the employees.  “I’ve known Jeff personally for over 30+ years and worked for him only 3 ½ years but Jeff’s true passion for his company is very sincere,” states Leeanna Wassmer, office manager. “His drive and determination are contagious; it makes each of our team want to be a part of this success.” 

The company continues to grow in many ways while focusing on the things they do extremely well and empowering others to come along and take control of the successful parts of their business that may not fit precisely within the vision Jeff has for the company.  In today’s market and recent economic conditions contractors in and around the CFA realize that 25 years is a pretty big accomplishment.

No planned celebration is set at the current time, but as the pandemic context begins to shift more towards latitude, later in the summer is their goal for welcoming customers and others connected in business.

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