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Bartley Corp – 50 Years in Business

A founding member of the Concrete Foundations Association, two generations of Board presidents and now Legacy Committee members, a Certified Residential Foundation Company and a host of awards, Bartley Corp is a celebrated CFA member.  It is their engagement and active involvement in this Association and all of the organizations they are committed to, sharing their business practices with other members and learning at the same time that demonstrates the leadership that helped establish what CFA is today.  Here is info on their history.

2020 marked a significant anniversary for The Bartley Corp (Silver Spring, Maryland).  They celebrated the 50th year of serving quality concrete to the Maryland market.  

Buck addressed the company in a video sharing: 

“50 year ago, this month June 2020, the Bartley Corporation began with a contract to build a small studio outbuilding for a friend in Garrett Park.

We had one employee, ME… a white Pontiac station wagon, wheelbarrow, pick & shovel, and my carpentry tools. That was it! And there we began!

Six months later we had $200,000 worth of business and two more employees, my dear brother Tom & my dear wife Marcia. And that is how we began!

Through the dedication & hard work of so many wonderful people, look where we are today. Over 150 employees & over $35 Million in business AND we have great people. We are surrounded by great people doing this work. And I am so proud of all of you!

I’m proud to say, this company was built on the core value of love & respect for all. And I am very proud to say that this same core value exists here today.

I know we are destined for more great things and more great achievements. So, my love and best wishes to all of you here today and my positive notion that this company will achieve much greater things in our future 50 years. Thank you “

In Bartley Corp’s 50th year, they celebrated by rolling out a comprehensive Vision and simplified Values. “We implemented part of our new Vision in our anniversary year by creating a training facility, the Bartley Academy.  We now have a large training space which is yet another investment in the most important part of our company, our people,” said Jim Bartley, President.

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