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Bartley Corp in Middle Tennessee is Open for Business

Silver Spring, MD (February 3, 2021)

Bartley Corp in Middle Tennessee is Open for Business

The Bartley Corporation announces the opening of a new location that will provide concrete construction based in Springfield Tennessee.  Aiming to meet the increasing demand for qualified contractors in Nashville’s booming housing market, the company has established a new team under the leadership of Tom Bartley Jr. and Nery Zabaleta. A local of the Nashville area for 20 years, Tom Bartley Jr. is excited to lead a new team built from 51 years of experience and systems in which his uncle Buck and father Tom built. 

Tom Bartley Jr. and Nery Zabaleta, the leadership from Bartley Corp now managing Middle Tennessee Concrete Foundation Construction – Nashville Metro Area

“This growth to a new market has been a joy because we have been able to improve our systems and training for our teams in Maryland, while being able to make sure our content applies to Tennessee; or really anywhere,” states Andy Bartley, Vice President. “The unique draw to the Nashville area is a winning combination of having a trusted and established leader in my brother Tom and the booming construction that is taking place in Middle Tennessee. We continue to lean on relationships made from the CFA which has helped make this possible”

The Bartley Corp has been a leader in Concrete Construction since 1970 and continues to be a family owned and operated business. Bartley Corp is based in Silver Spring, Maryland and employs over 160. Bartley Corporation’s construction services include Residential Concrete Foundations, Excavation, Waterproofing, and Commercial Concrete Construction.

Mission Statement: Bartley Corp is a partnership of families with a relentless mission to optimize the foundation construction process; strengthening the world around us. Through safe and rewarding careers, our team members passionately craft and mold liquid rock; the miracle of concrete!

For more information, visit

Media Contact: Andy Bartley
Bartley Corporation
P.O. Box 1299
Ashton, MD 20861
Phone 301-384-2700

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