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Moving the Association Forward

In July, the Concrete Foundations Association held our annual convention online. The virtual event was a big success and a bright spot in a summer filled with uncertainty.

During that convention, I was elected president of the association. I am incredibly honored to serve this association and to follow in the footsteps of past presidents. The list of past presidents is a long record of intelligent, enthusiastic leaders that have wanted to help their fellow contractor. With the past presidents’ hard work and dedication, this association has changed the entire industry for the better.

I’m excited to work with the CFA Board of Directors; the executive director, Jim Baty; and his staff to improve our industry and support cast-in-place contractors.

Thank you to Phil Marone, who served as president over the last two years. He now becomes the chairman of the board. I also want to thank Jason Ells, who will become vice president; Sean Smith, who is stepping in as secretary; and Ken Kurszewski, who is the new treasurer. And I extend a big thank you to the new and continuing board members, whose names are too many to list here but can be found on the previous page.

Those who serve on the board of directors give their time and money to attend meetings in an effort to determine the best direction for the association. For all of us, these are unpaid jobs that we squeeze in to our already busy lives. But, the payoff for the time and effort spent is immeasurable. For example, we form friendships with fellow members who we can call throughout the year to get an opinion or solve a problem, and we improve the entire residential concrete industry through educating and assisting cast-in-place contractors.

I look forward to my two-year term as president of the CFA, and I look forward to improving our association and our industry.

If there is something you’d like the association to focus on or if there is a way for us to assist you in your business, please send me an email. I’d like to hear what you have to say and figure out a way to help. 

To your success,

Doug Herbert, CFA President 

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