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A Tough Start to the Year

Phillip Marone
Marone Contractors Inc

In the last few months, we have experienced events that none of us could have imagined when 2020 started! We have experienced a health pandemic, quarantines, economic shut downs, protests, and riots. Some of us have had to shuttle or curtail most or our operations.  

The world has changed in a very short period of time. How business is conducted has changed, and some of these changes will be very long lasting, if not permanent. None of us would have thought in January that travel and meetings would soon be so restricted. Who among us would have predicted the government printing trillions to keep the economy from spiraling downward? Likewise, there are so many additional factors to consider today while running our businesses than there were just six months ago.

With all that is happening, the CFA Board had to make the tough decision to not hold a physical summer meeting in 2020. The positive news is that we will still be having a meeting, complete with education and vendors.

We have invested much time and energy into planning an engaging and innovative 3D meeting. This will not be a Zoom meeting or another video event but truly an interactive one. We will be holding it in a virtual environment where everyone will be able to view and listen to the board meeting; sit in an auditorium to watch speakers; and, most importantly, interact directly in person with other members. While this may sound odd to some of you at first, it is actually an environment that allows vendors to showcase their services while letting attendees feel almost as if they are away at a resort setting.

There were hours of discussions about whether to hold an event and how to best present if we did. There were also many different opinions and spirited discussions before we decided to hold the event in this manner. The board felt we owed it to all members to not cancel the meeting and to find a way to present it that best serves our members. The education material is strong, and now it is especially important for all of us to invest time into participating with the CFA, learning from speakers and each other. We have made it possible for every member to be represented there.

It really is important to attend the CFA Summer 2020 event to support your businesses and our organization!

Best wishes for all, your families, and businesses,

Phillip Marone, CFA President

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