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Brian McKendree Hired on as Director of Consultative Services for Evolution Safety Resources

Brian McKendree
Director of Consultative Services
at Evolution Safety Resources

Evolution Safety Resources, a safety consultation firm based in Raleigh, is pleased to announce it has hired Brian McKendree on as our Director of Consultative Services. Brian has more than 24 years of experience in the safety and health field, working in the construction and pharmaceutical industries.

Brian obtained his Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Marshall University and quickly became a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Brian recently worked as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management – Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager on a two-billion-dollar pharmaceutical construction project with over 3,000 construction craft members on-site at the project’s peak. Additionally, he has worked on safety and health program development, client assessments and audits, safety and health training, expert witness, and safety and health professional placement services. Brian is a multi-faceted leader and Evolution Safety Resources will be taken to the next level with his mentorship and expertise.

Clients can rest assured that Brian will see to it that the safety and health of their employees is a top priority and that their safety programs are effective and robust. Brian’s philosophy starts with the belief that improving the safety and health of any organization begins with effective leadership. For this to happen, leaders must realize the value that safety and health brings to the organization and that each person in the organization has a role to play, which must be inspired, encouraged and supported for improvement to occur.

About Evolution Safety Resources – Evolution Safety Resources is safety consultation firm that develops customized safety solutions for a wide client base. By offering a plethora of safety services (such as training, program development, ISNetworld/Avetta compliance, staffing, and more), ESR strives to reduce incident rates and ensure regulatory compliance. 

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