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One of our #CFAConcretePros Receives Local Recognition

MUDco Ready-Mix Concrete 


Current position: Chief Administrative Officer 

Years in business: I started my career in the restaurant sector in the early 1990s, launched my own bookkeeping business in 1997 to begin my journey of a “working-from-home mom,” began my concrete/construction career in 2007, and most recently partnered to open MUDco in 2015.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Texas Tech University 

Claim to fame: I am proud of the fact that I have helped more than a dozen women begin their business careers and balance the joy of earning a living with the responsibilities that come with raising children. Being a stay-at-home mom who also works from home presents unique challenges. I’m fortunate that throughout my life some very special people have encouraged and supported me while cheering for my success. 

Business philosophy: Find great people and train them to pursue excellence through efficiency in every aspect of their role in the operation.

Greatest professional accomplishment: I was one of the first two women to pass an extremely challenging exam and receive a much-sought-after certification through the American Concrete Institute and Concrete Foundations Association. 

Greatest personal accomplishment: Applying FlyLady, Marie Kondo, and 2-Second Lean Methods to balance the following titles: “Wife,” 24 years, “Mom,” 21 years, and multiple business owner/ entrepreneur. 

Community involvement: Our business is always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment through recycling efforts and limiting our footprint. Lubbock is my home and the entire MUDco team strives to keep it beautiful! 

Competitive edge: My desire is to look for ways to do things differently through innovation and technological advances. 

A word of advice: Know your “why.”

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