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New Global Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Concrete

GCCA kicks off year-long outreach programme with campaign to tell ‘Concrete Stories’

‘Concrete Stories’ a major new global communications campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the vital role concrete plays in everyday life, has been launched. The campaign, which is being directed by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and its member companies around the world, was launched at a meeting of Chief Executives from the cement and concrete industry globally at an event in Brussels, Belgium. 

The campaign aims to engage members of the public by telling the ‘Story of Concrete’ through a number of different themes including how concrete contributes to everyday life, concrete as an enabler of change, and creative uses of concrete around the world. The GCCA will use digital content to engage members of the public directly via social media platforms. Additional themes will run throughout 2020 and will focus on the important role the cement and concrete industry will play in addressing the challenge of climate change. 

Benjamin Sporton, GCCA Chief Executive said: “Concrete is an unsung hero. This is a material that is all around us and which we rarely consider. Throughout 2020 and starting with ‘Concrete Stories’, we want to show its versatility, its beauty as well as its numerous performance credentials. So many parts of our day-to-day lives are made possible by this amazing material. 

”Cement and concrete are fundamental to our daily lives – the way we travel, our housing, our work and many other aspects. ‘Concrete Stories’ will bring the role that this ‘super’ material plays into the foreground. The campaign will also showcase the innovations that the cement and concrete industry is developing and show how it can be used in sometimes surprising and often beautiful ways,” he added. 

The initial ‘Concrete Stories’ campaign will run for six weeks and will be featured primarily on GCCA’s social media channels. A hero video ‘our world is concrete’ kicks off the launch and will be featured across social media channels. It captures the versatility and key elements of concrete in our modern world – versions in English, Spanish and Chinese are available.

CEOs and Directors of GCCA’s global network of eighteen cement and concrete associations met in Brussels to discuss a range of key issues including innovation, sustainability and the industry’s climate ambition. 

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