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It Is About To Get Cold Out There

Phillip Marone
Marone Contractors Inc

Dear CFA Members,

Fall is upon us and for a large percentage of us that means we need to turn our attention to cold weather methods. Seems like only a week ago it was summer.

“Best methods” are one of the many reasons to be a member of our association!  In this case I am speaking about concreting in less than perfect weather, but it could be any number of situations throughout the year.   Much work has been done in the area of Cold Weather Concrete, both by the CFA (research) and with the ACI, by dedicated members and our directors on behalf of all of us.   I suggest now would be a good time to review what is available to you for best results and avoiding problems in the future.

I want to also call attention to the fact that the CFA has elected five new board members out of a field of seven nominations.  It was good to see the interest in board seats improving!   We have been reaching out to membership to boost the number of potential candidates and to bring new insight and ideas for how we might improve our resources or service and grow our group. We are now hoping for an even more vigorous amount of interest in the coming years, furthering the growth in membership and strengthening the CFA!

Finally, our next meeting of the Board will be in Cincinnati on Monday the 21st.  A major topic of our discussion will be about the possibility of hiring an outside consultant or paving the way for additional staff.  The goal is to help us drive membership up and better market all the benefits of being a member while not sacrificing the momentum we have in service to existing members. If any of you would like to be in attendance at the meeting or would like to contact Executive Director, Jim Baty with ideas, we would all appreciate your thoughts.

Best wishes for finishing the year strong!

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