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Mark Lentzkow Becomes Content and Brand Manager for the Concrete Foundations Association

Mount Vernon, Iowa— The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), the voice and recognized authority for the cast-in-place concrete industry, is managed by the firm Sauter, Baty & Bloomquist, Inc. (SB2). SB2 was established by the former executive director for the CFA, Ed Sauter, along with his partner, James Baty, the current executive director. SB2 has added Mark Lentzkow to their staff to serve association clients as content and brand manager. Mark’s addition comes during additional transitions that are happening with Sauter fully retiring at the end of 2018.

“Mark brings an exceptional eye for consistency and freshness across all our media,” states Baty. “The working relationship we’ve had with Mark as a consultant over the past few years has made an indelible imprint on the professionalism of our resources, and we look forward to the continuation as he begins managing our entire production.”

Lentzkow graduated from the University of Northern Iowa after attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design & the University of Iowa.

“For the past two years, I have been working for the CFA behind the scenes on a part-time/freelance basis,” said Lentzkow. “I use your stories, your ads and your photos to create an impression – an impression that will promote your business in the best, most positive and professional manner,” said Lentzkow. “I look forward to working directly with our members, getting to know their businesses, and promoting them throughout the entire network.”

Lentzkow joined the SB2 staff with CFA headquarters located in Mount Vernon, Iowa and will continue to reside in Peoria, Illinois. He can be reached at

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