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Letter from the President

Hello CFA Contractor and Associate Members!

With the close of 2018 almost here, I view this as the perfect time to offer some thoughts regarding our businesses and our association.

It seems that each year brings new challenges and that running our businesses takes more of our time and energy. Even in a good economy, we are constantly tested and confronted with decisions to keep us in the black. Increasing regulations, lawsuits, labor shortages, workers’ compensation, material prices and insurances make it complicated to remain profitable. The advancement of technology has made it important to change the ways we do business even more quickly. The five-year plan of the past seems to run its course much more quickly.

All that stated, it is important to look at how we do business more frequently and find ways to improve our processes and procedures to stay on top of a rapidly changing environment.

Our organization is one of the best resources for staying relevant and on top of your game. We have resources, education, and like-member companies to associate with and help keep your businesses fresh! Being a member is one thing, but being an involved member is where the rubber meets the road. As is often said, you can only get out of something what you put into it.

In November, our CFA brought the Rocky Geans Construction School to Philadelphia, along with the opportunity for certification testing. Companies that realized the importance of taking advantage of the membership met for two days of education. Companies from Pittsburgh, Central Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area attended. The event not only educated the attendees, but also opened the door for dialog amongst similar companies. Additionally, the meeting provided some of the companies with an opportunity to get involved with Management Exchange Groups. Initiated several years ago, these are groups of non-competing companies that meet on their own a couple times each year to share information with each other that can further improve each others’ businesses.

The CFA business schools, certification processes, and education opportunities will be available in regional areas in the future. Engaging in these opportunities is a great way to take advantage of our organization. I am personally challenging you to set aside the traditional response that you do not have time, and to find a way to make a difference in your future!

Best wishes for the close of the year, for your families, and for happy holidays!

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