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Letter from the President: Greetings from the new Pres!

Greetings, CFA Members and readers of Concrete Facts!

I would like to introduce myself to all of you who may not know me. I am Phillip Marone, President of Marone Contractors and affiliated companies. I am honored to have been selected by our Board too represent all of you as the next association President.

Our company has been members of the CFA since 1994 and I have been on the association board since 2005. That said, it sometimes amazes me how relevant our organization continues to be after so many years! Our recent Convention in July was full of fresh information and ideas. For those of you who have not attended in recent years you are certainty missing out on opportunities to improve your company’s position in an increasingly difficult environment to conduct business.

The education has been focused on relevant current challenges with regards to topics like safety, hiring, and dealing with the new generations of workforce. We also focused on traditional areas such as protecting your company legally, being compliant, how to think in different ways and a dose of technical education specifically concerning concrete testing. All the topics have kept the education fresh, informative and eye opening.

In other news, the Executive Committee has added Jason Ells, from Custom Concrete (Treasurer). His company has supported the CFA extensively over many years and the addition of Jason will help bring new and focused energy to our Organization. The remainder of the committee is Doug Herbert from Herbert Construction (Vice President) and Mary Wilson Michel Concrete (Secretary), along with myself and past President, Dennis Puriton, (Chairman).

It’s important everyone knows what a stellar job Dennis did as President! Dennis presented a lot of new and interesting initiatives to the Executive Committee and the Board.

What makes this notable, is that without dedicated people like Dennis, our group would find it very difficult to exist and likely wouldn’t. It is the work of the entire Board, the distinguished members of the newly formed Legacy Committee, past board members, and member companies that offer assistance beyond association dues, keeping the CFA vibrant.

We are a viable and relevant nonprofit group, with a voice in ACI because so many of our members, since the founding days in 1974, have dedicated much extra time and effort to keep us going and remain strong. They all deserve a special thank you!!


Best Regards,

Phillip Marone

Marone Contractors Inc

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