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Profoundly Impacted by Convention

This issue of the magazine introduces the newest CFA Board members. One of the common threads between them is easily found in the profound impact that Convention, meeting and networking with peers has had on them. This is not unique by any stretch of the imagination to a member of the Board. Talk with any one from a company that has been around for a few years, particularly the owner or manager that has had the chance to actually attend, and you will hear resounding stories of personal and professional achievement and evolution that has come from such an environment. It is, in the end, what established the CFA and what has maintained it through some of the most dire and difficult economic cycles since 1974.

“We thank Schwing, Putzmeister, Thermomass, Building Point, Nox-Crete, BIK Hydraulics, Irving Equipment, GMX, Concrete Forms Services and Concrete Contractor Magazine as well as AutoCar, Fox Blocks, Helix Steel and the Tennessee Concrete Association for 2017 sponsorship.”

Leslie Epp, an architecture student from New York attended CFA Convention after learning about the event.

This year, however, we had the chance to experience a new kind of difference making. One might suggest that CFA has seemingly grown up as our event began to attract attention from a broader spectrum than the cast-in-place residential concrete contractor. A college student from New York, who is working through her degree in architecture had her mom contact us to see if it would be possible to attend. Desiring a more hands-on or realistic understanding of materials, this young professional-to-be found out about our convention, asked her parents if it would be possible to take a vacation to Tennessee so she could be present, and then started the process of contacting us to register. While we extended the opportunity for the whole family to attend, our anticipation for the impact we might have was small. It was enough of an honor to be recognized as a place to impact the next generation of designers.

The week after the event, we received messages from both Leslie and her mom. “I just wanted to thank you for allowing myself and family to attend the conference at no cost. I’m so grateful that I was able to come and learn about concrete, and meet others that held an appreciation for the material. The conference definitely widened my views of concrete and its possibilities and now, more than ever, I consider concrete more of a versatile and invaluable material.”

When was the last time you legitimately considered your industry, the material you make a living from, as invaluable. A portion of the good will and the investment in others was passed along to this family and in turn, the future appreciation for the livelihood you enjoy was ensured just a bit more. Well done, attendees to Concrete Foundations Convention 2017. You made a difference in the life of yet another tomorrow through your hospitality.


CFA Executive Director, James Baty |

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