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2017 Projects of the Year | Commercial Project

All Points Anson Building 8A
Commercial Project
Custom Concrete
Westfield, Indiana

The casual observer may look upon concrete slabs as a basic and perhaps the easiest form of cast-in-place to complete. Those who have undertaken the challenge on any SOG will not likely agree and will be quick to add that the commercial slab with higher floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) requirements is one of the most challenging of all their project work. The successful commercial slab is an effective combination of strategy, preparation and execution, where quality is achieved despite the difficulty of so many variables. This is the case with the All Points Anson Bldg 8A project in Whitestown, Indiana.

A project that consisted of tight schedules, over 3,500 lin.ft. of footings stepping four times and over 200 column footings was topped off with an 8-in. concrete slab. Jason Ells, Senior Vice President for Custom Concrete is quick to identify the targeted successes achieved despite the challenge: “We brought in a large laser screed we knew would be necessary to achieve the high FF and FL requirements on the project. Relying on the machine gave us the peace of mind we could achieve the customer’s quality. We were able to commit to the project in a way that finished footings in four weeks and the completed slab in 30 days. Our pours were 41,000 square feet each day for 1,012 cubic yards.”

This project was delivered on schedule, under budget and with impressive quality, demonstrating that this poured-wall contractor is also positioned well in the commercial concrete market. A project of this size and scope required multiple pre-construction meetings, an onsite mechanic and weekly progress meetings to maintain the commitment to delivering a result that matched the reasons why Custom Concrete was selected.

Project Statistics:

706,000 sq.ft. concrete slab with a thickness of 8”
3,545 lin.ft. of strip footing
17,910 yd3 of concrete (slab)
1,685 yd3 of concrete (footings)
47.1 tons of steel (footings)

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