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Why Attend Convention

Between podcasts, YouTube tutorials, webinars and, why would I invest the time and money to attend a convention? What will I learn there that I can’t learn online? If this is your mindset, I challenge you to take your company to the next level and explore the real benefits of attending your industry events, namely, the Concrete Foundations Convention.


In 2016, nearly 30% of CFA member companies had at least one representative from their company present at the Concrete Foundations Convention in Myrtle Beach. Nearly 80% of these attendees made a new connection that will help them grow professionally, over 60% discovered a new product or tool that will save money on their next job, and close to 80% learned something that will improve the safety of their crews and projects.

Attendees make many new acquaintances during the Concrete Foundations Convention in events like “Speed-Networking” seen here from Kalihari in Sandusky, Ohio in 2014

It is not surprising that networking is the primary reason that people attend industry events. The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) recognizes the importance of face-to-face networking, and makes certain to create an atmosphere conducive to this at every convention.  The Concrete Foundations Convention, which will take place July 20-22 in Nashville, TN, will kick off with a happy hour with exhibitors, followed by the annual Kick-Off Bash complete with live music, dinner and networking with industry leaders. Whether you are catching up with old friends, finally meeting that vendor that you’ve worked with for years, talking through challenges with a peer or making new connections, the Concrete Foundations Convention is where it all takes place. In addition to the annual kick-off bash, the CFA provides numerous networking opportunities through out the convention. This is one-on-one time with the leaders in your industry that you won’t find online.

Another benefit of attending your industry event is to get hands-on with the newest products and technology that the industry has to offer. Post event surveys show that CFA convention attendees discovered new products or technology that will save them time and money and improve the look of their next project, found products that they never knew existed, and even learned something new about products that they already have. Too often people see an exhibit hall as a room full of sales pitches. Again, if this is your mindset, you are missing out on another opportunity to better your company. Exhibitors at the Concrete Foundations Convention are there to offer products that will alter the way you do business, increase your profitability and put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Attendees taking part in a marketing presentation during the 2013 Concrete Foundations Convention at the Hyatt Tamaya in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Amongst the networking opportunities and game changing products and technology, the education that is offered at the Concrete Foundations Convention is invaluable, and catered specifically to cast-in-place contractors just like you. Questions and concerns that are brought up in the seminar rooms foster unique discussions that challenge industry standards and resolve common discrepancies. From business management to foundation fundamentals, you are sure to learn something at convention that will make you a better leader, a better boss, a better employee and a better company.

Opportunities to better your company and increase profitability are right in front of you. Take advantage of these opportunities; invest in your future, network, become educated and evolve into a more profitable company. So, we’ll see you in Nashville, right?







Lindsey Bloomquist, Manager for Communication and networking for the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), works to communicate the available tools and benefits of a CFA membership to the industry, and provide networking opportunities that build professional relationships between contractors and industry leading suppliers and manufacturers. Bloomquist also works closely with industry suppliers and manufacturers to increase exposure within the CFA through advertising, sponsorships, exhibits and networking. Reach Lindsey at

“The professional relationships that are established are vital to the success of this association and its member companies. Not only do these interactions foster healthy competition that fuels innovation, but they create lasting partnerships that are beneficial to both the contractors and suppliers.”

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