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Where We Are Headed

All indications at the moment support the concrete industry maintaining a steady climb through the winter, into the heart of 2016 and extending in that same way into the 2020 to 2021 neighborhood. That is five to six years of constant growth, pressure, advancement and yes, change. Is it possible? Is it realistic?

Let’s assume for a moment that it is realistic and not only possible, but that it is imminent. In order for you to be supported throughout this growth cycle, this Association has to make some changes. We have to grow and expand to be able to provide the response and the resources that will be required by you and by the entire market. So what does that look like in terms of our strategic development? We are two and a half years into a strategic plan that was aimed at this very condition. So, for the most part we are implementing that very framework that is anticipated to support a larger Association.

The CFA Board of Director’s Strategic Plan for 2013 included the following items generated as goals for the next three year period. Each of these has been completed and efforts are underway to further increase awareness.

  • Standard Market Insurance Program for CFA Members – exclusive insurance pool for all property and casualty lines.
  • ACI/CFA Residential Foundation Technician Certification – transitioned fully to ACI
  • CFA Residential Foundation Company Certification – expanding to new markets
  • Expanded Convention Programming
  • More tangible member benefits from resources
  • Increased number of CFA regional events

I encourage you to read the interview with the newest Board members of the CFA beginning on the next page. You’ll find all three describing value from their membership growing through a common aspect, CFA meetings. This validates one of the Board goals to return to and increase the number of regional opportunities to be engaged in this peer network and learn more about your potential role.

The CFA Board continues to travel each Spring and Fall to meet during ACI Convention and lend their experience to the development of better codes and guides for your industry. We are combining these events and adding further regional opportunities to participate and learn at the same time. A regional event will be held near you soon and perhaps with increasing frequency. These won’t be the end all type of meeting as only CFA Convention can provide that, but they will establish a stronger sense of participation in an industry rather than attending to business in isolation. You simply can’t afford to remain on an island in the months and years to come.

Ask questions, challenge resources and request opportunities to be part of this evolution of your industry.


James Baty
CFA Executive Director

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