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NEW HAVEN, CT/May 27, 2015 – Replacing a weathered or damaged basement door can have a great impact on the safety, appearance and value of a home. It’s in the spring and summer months, after basement doors have suffered through a long winter and have fallen victim to rotted wood, rusted metal or leakage, that homeowners may look to replace an old door with a high-quality and efficient one. Homeowners often select one of The Bilco Company’s several attractive options because they meet safety requirements, reduce or eliminate the need for regular maintenance and have superior design features.

Traditionally basement entrances are used to move large items like deck and patio furniture in to and out of storage areas or to relocate beds, large electronics and game tables to finished basement areas. To complete these often two-person tasks, a homeowner will benefit from an access solution that will securely remain in a wide, open position. Bilco doors come equipped with lift assistance for smooth, easy, one-hand operation and to prevent the door from slamming closed, allowing homeowners or workers to move quickly and safely through the entrance. In addition, Bilco’s basement doors satisfy the International Residential Code (IRC) 2012 building requirements, which require every basement used as living space to have an egress to the outside and every basement bedroom to have an additional egress window or door. These safety requirements are intended to allow occupants an alternate route to escape (and/or firefighters to enter) through the basement during a fire or other emergency.

Style preferences vary greatly from one homeowner to the next, so Bilco offers several customizable basement door options to fit functional requirements as well as individual taste. The Classic Series Steel Basement Doors are equipped with flanged construction and an improved header design to shed water and prevent binding due to ice and snow, permitting all-season use and lasting service. The Classic Series Sloped Wall Door features a versatile frame design and optional foundation plates to accommodate installation on virtually any areaway, including sidewalls of brick, stone, block or poured concrete.

Both steel models are available with an optional, factory-applied powder coat paint finish, which results in a tougher, more durable and weather- and chip-resistant coating. Homeowners will benefit from a lasting decorative and protective finish, which is offered in four standard colors (white, sandstone, light gray and brick) to complement the exterior of any home.

A third option, the Ultra Series basement door, is a maintenance-free basement access solution constructed from high-density polyethylene that provides safe and code-compliant basement access. Interchangeable side panel inserts allow homeowners to easily customize the door to add light or ventilation to a basement areaway.

All Bilco basement doors feature weather-tight performance, corrosion-resistant hardware and lift assistance for easy one-hand opening and closing. A standard slide-bolt lock is supplied for security and a keyed lock kit is available for added convenience and protection. Bilco basement doors can accommodate virtually any areaway due to a range of available sizes and extension panels.

Regardless of taste or preference, The Bilco Company can accommodate the needs of practically any customer with a variety of basement door models. The company’s low-or maintenance-free designs provide a stylish and attractive access way to any basement area that is safe, functional and code- compliant. To find a basement door dealer or a Bilco Independent Installer in your area, visit or call (800) 854-9724.

About Bilco

For over 85 years, The Bilco Company has been a building industry pioneer in the design and development of specialty access products. Over these years, the company has built a reputation among homeowners, builders, architects, and engineers for products that are unequaled in design and workmanship. Bilco – an ISO 9001 certified company – offers a line of commercial and residential access products along with a complete line of Colt natural ventilation and smoke and fire containment products. For more information, visit

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