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It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day…

Turning the calendar to 2015 has ushered in a great deal of excitement and anticipation here at CFA headquarters. First of all, I recognize that those of you reading this are in one of two camps; the many knowledgeable individuals working for CFA members that have relied on Ed Sauter for a great many years; or a far greater number of individuals working for companies that have yet to experience the powerful advantages that are found in the Concrete Foundations Association.

I am proud to now be serving those of you in that first camp as Executive Director. Since coming on staff in 2001, this Association has demonstrated incredible resilience, unparalleled passion and a hunger for the future that is hard to do justice with words. Your actions are often so much more telling. Ed Sauter has been a tremendous leader and mentor to this industry and this Association. Taking the reigns from the passionate and talented directors before him, Ed managed a period of growth for the CFA that has led to an enviable collection of research, support and prestige. This Association has now placed their trust and future in my hands, hands trained by Ed and prepared to lead the next generation of cast-in-place concrete greatness. I’m up for the challenge and prepared to give you everything I have… are you?

I remain proud of the opportunity to continue serving this industry, and therefore those of you in that much larger second camp. Whether you are an owner of a concrete contracting company or a key individual in a project management role, reading this message you have an opportunity right now to make the most convenient and timely investment in your future. In fact, this investment is one that won’t put your company at risk and it certainly isn’t a strong influence on your cash flow. It will, however, deliver a powerful network of potential and begin doing so the moment you commit your first year’s dues. Each and every one of you can and should have the opportunity to engage your peers and be supported by a powerful network that works every bit as hard as you do.

I possess an endless energy and passion for this Association and this industry that has partly come from the fourteen years of service I’ve already given you and partly for the genetic code found in my wiring. I have much to convey to you, together we have a long way to go and a lot of potential within our grasp. We haven’t even begun to dream our full potential yet. Michael Bublé is credited with that lyric, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling fine.” Well, unlike Michael, I’m not just feeling fine, I’m feeling charged up. Enjoy the pages of this magazine. They are built for you, each of you. I’d like to hear from you and be challenged to know your needs, your passions and your interests. That’s how I can best serve you, whether you are a member of this great Association or a member of the industry that is benefitting tremendously from the work we are doing. There is always room for you here.

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