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The CFA Young…The CFA Experienced

Dear CFA Friends,

I am glad to see old man winter give way to spring! Spring is my favorite season because it brings optimism and new energy, which is critical for our businesses. My father and mentor, Buck Bartley, always says,

“Make your changes in the winter so they are ready come spring.”

The change of seasons reminds me of the evolution of our foundation business. In the past 24 years, I have seen a steady cycle of young, ambitious men and women do great work under the tutelage of wise, battle-tested leaders. The young bring technology, outward thinking, enthusiasm, and ambition. The experienced provide the framework for success. They teach, advise, and channel the new energy and ideas using their expertise and knowledge. Both are essential to our success.

Over the same 24 years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing a similar model of success for the CFA. I see twenty-somethings in seminars drinking in information; thirty-year olds shaking up the status quo; mid-lifers leading the day to day; and the wise-and-wonderful teaching, and sharing their wealth of knowledge. The amazing thing about the CFA is that you can witness the entire spectrum of energy and expertise at one meeting! Companies bring members of all ages and specialties. The process of learning and evolving is supercharged. Three days of intense education and networking at a CFA Summer Convention can infuse your business with knowledge and ideas that would take years to obtain elsewhere.

Some of our wise, old heads have gone, but their lessons carry on. It has been an honor to know and learn from the likes of Gary Bromley and Bill Esker. The CFA is here for us thanks to the vision of its founding generation. It has been my pleasure, to use this incredible resource that we have been given to make our business the best it can be. It will be a privilege to serve as a mentor for new members coming in. I hope I can give one-tenth of what I have received from the CFA.

See you this summer!

CFA Board President

CFA President Jim Bartley, Bartley Corporation

CFA President
Jim Bartley,
Bartley Corporation

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