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Imagine yourself on the phone tomorrow bidding for a foundation contract, but you tell the general contractor “I am a CFA Certified Contractor”. His response will be one of surprise and admiration.

Ten years from now his response will be “I only hire Certified CFA Contractors.”


Get in on the ground floor of a new industry program to certify foundation contractor firms in the residential cast-in-place industry. Your registration gives you access to a six-part series program that will benefit your company and market. The goal of certification is to unify the industry with a common measurement of competency for concrete foundations and the companies that install them.

Certification of companies or individuals is a topic you hear in all aspects of the construction market as builders and code enforcers attempt to establish competency and accountability in construction. The market is becoming increasingly complicated with small and large companies vying for the same business at the risk of the client. A system whereby builders and building officials can ensure customers that the types of businesses they employ are competent is a growing priority.

CFA’s Certification Program provides the assurance that companies are devoting resources necessary to remain current with the science and technology of their industry. It also provides assurances that companies are properly managed, insured, and that they provide a safe environment for their workers. The program is designed, administered and enforced by companies and individuals who are knowledgable about the industry they regulate.

The CFA decision is proactive and the result is a comprehensive, but contractor-friendly program that can be used by jurisdictions and businesses seeking certification of residential foundation contractors.


The program consists of:

  • a pre-qualification exam for a company representative(s)
  • continuing education
  • and annual audit reviews of company operations.

A certification board, separate of the established CFA structure oversees the program.

The program contains:

  • Basic Knowledge of Concrete and Foundations
  • Minimum Insurance Requirements
  • Continuing Education (Annual Requirement)
  • Safety Program Requirements
  • Financial Soundness of the Business Entity
  • Related Certifications or Verifiable Training for Specialty Equipment
  • Experience

Continuing Education:

Twelve hours of annual continuing education will be required of at least two individuals in the company.


Check the CFA website at for future certification events.


The information needed to study for the examination is available from the CFA. To get a ‘Certification Reference Package’, visit or contact Jim Baty at


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