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Are We Really A Family?

Dear CFA Brothers and Sisters,

Many institutions claim to have a “family” environment. Is “family” an overused cliché…or is it real?

This March, we at the Bartley Corporation, lost a dear friend and long-time employee. Betty was our dispatcher, also known as “Mother-Central”. Our employees sprang into action to help her, stood beside her, and continue to grieve her loss. We will never be the same without her. She sure feels like family. What is family? To me, it is a closeknit group of people that cares for each other, and works together for a common cause. Family is there when you need help. Each family member gives a little, and receives a lot.

Over the years I have given a little of my time to the CFA and have received a lot in return. We have worked on committees and worked together on construction sites. We have shared ideas and shared forms. We have bought each other a beer and bought product. We have moved industry standards and moved each other’s equipment. And we have enjoyed each other in the process. It sure feels like family.

The key for me has been the “CFA family reunion,” better known as the Summer Convention. Investing a few days and a few dollars has brought hugely successful ideas to our business. By spending  time with my CFA peers year in and year out, they have become my CFA family. Now competitors are friends. Now suppliers are partners. Now industry experts are a phone call away. We help each other, work together, agree and disagree…and enjoy each other. It sure feels like family.

If this publication is your primary connection to the CFA, I’m glad you’ve made that connection. I’m here to tell you there’s so much more. I hope to see you at the “family reunion!”

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