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Meeting the Challenge of Change

Dear CFA Friends,

I hope 2013 brings happiness and prosperity for you all. For me, the transition from 2012 to the New Year means change. I find myself looking optimistically to the new horizon but keeping a reflecting eye on the rear view mirror.

In 2012, our company celebrated the retirement of three key employees that have been with us for two, three, and four decades. We have also seen our field personnel become, let’s say, more seasoned and experienced. Some have experienced shoulder surgery, some knee replacements, and others back surgery. Some are burned out and taking light duty positions.

These changes present real challenges. In our area, the young apprentice work-force seems to have dried up. The low-prices and high demands of this economy have succeeded in demotivating star employees. Our challenge is to put our long-standing employees in positions that capitalize on their experience and enhance their longevity. We will be looking at subcontractors, equipment, and processes that compensate for the decline in young, strong backs.

These changes present new opportunities, and require new ideas. As always, I look to you, my CFA friends, for guidance and advice. I hope to pick your brains at the “Live Before Five” CFA happy hours at World of Concrete, every day after the show. But be warned, I need to talk shop.

Jim Bartley

Jim Bartley, CFA President

Bartley Corp

One of the technology round tables featured during the 2011 CFA Annual Convention in Wintergreen, VA

One of the technology round tables featured during the 2011 CFA Annual Convention in Wintergreen, VA

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