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Liv-Space Building Concepts

The Boman Kemp Companies in Ogden, Utah have been involved with the manufacturing and nationwide distribution of basement egress window systems for over 30 years. IRC 2009 R-310, calls out for a means of egress from every basement. Boman Kemp is the only basement window manufacturer to earn an ESR from the International Code Council: ESR #1856
In addition to meeting code requirements, the Boman Kemp window systems offer
natural light and ventilation, to the lower level of the home. Enhancing the look of
the basement, by bringing in plenty of natural light and ventilation, the basement is transformed into a very comfortable and affordable living space. Additionally, the earth’s geothermal benefits are emphasized with half of the home in the ground. ! ese factors lay the groundwork for the Liv-Space concept, which contains enormous merit and opportunity.

Kevin Durrett, Durrett Built Homes of Louisville, has been using the window for years now. “I really like the natural light and ventilation the windows bring down to the lower level. I know I’m meeting the egress code requirements with the Boman Kemp system, and have installed several in this years’ Homearama, to provide a comfortable living space in the lower level.”

Positioned in the market as a leader and innovator, Boman Kemp developed its’ Liv-Space concept. To illustrate the benefits of large basement  windows, Boman Kemp developed 3D Revit plans to show how the windows work and enhance the lower level of the home.

Large open stairways invite the inhabitants to the Liv-Space level. Creative air designs, which utilize the constant temperature of the earth, aid the homes heating and cooling system by more than 50%. Tall 9’ walls, in the Liv-Space level, pictures of stairs 005eliminate the typical “basement feeling” by allowing large ceiling heights, along with plenty of natural light.

Chris Carey Builders, of Prospect, has installed numerous window systems in his homes. “The ease, quality, and durability of the windows allow for quality living space in the lower level. Natural light and ventilation create a very comfortable space for my clients.”

Rick Buttorff, with the Buttorff Companies, of Pee Wee Valley was one of the founding builders for the very popular Norton Commons, in Louisville. “Many of the homes in this year’s Homearama are built in a Liv-Space fashion, by totally utilizing the basement level. With one level of the home in the ground, constant earth temperature aids in the heating and cooling of the home. The thermal mass of the earth helps the entire building envelope, which further reducing the HERS score and consequently saves the homeowner on monthly utility bills.”

A combination of all the components of Liv-Space, coupled with the introduction of geothermal technology, brings the HERS rating down to the low 30’s, in an affordable, and practical home designed for the future. Boman Kemp has brought this energy saving concept together for all buyers, especially the first time homebuyer. Today’s buyer is looking for long-term energy savings and practicality, yet their home purchase price needs to remain under $200,000. Smart homebuyers will realize an average of 1,800 to 2,000 square feet of completely finished living space when they include windows in their basements. Boman Kemp and Liv-Space bring it all together.

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