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A Lover of Concrete? Head to Virginia in August!

Over the last few weeks, my travels have taken me to the 4 corners of Virginia. I have to say, I believe this is the most beautiful place to be found anywhere in the USA.The mountains and the valleys, the rivers and the oceans, the parkways and the byways all bear testimony to this. No wonder the state slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers”. The CFA is bringing its Summer Meeting to the Wintergreen Resort, Virginia, August 2-4. So, if you are a “lover of concrete” like me, come see for yourself all Virginia has to offer.

I realize that times are tough and money is tight. Many of us are working longer and making less. Yet we are still willing to invest in our businesses once we realize we can show a good return. That is what the Summer Meeting offers all who participate. I hope you can find a way to take off a few days and travel here to help your business. You will not regret the decision and the investment will more than pay for the sacrifice. Top-notch speakers, national suppliers and concrete contractors will be there ready to share, and even more important, ready to listen, learn and assist you and your business. This is a value too good to pass up!!

I want share at a personal level for a moment. Just like most of us, the CFA is challenged with making ends meet. Ed and Jim have worked hard to reduce costs, but the Association still needs help. The Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to consolidate the complex dues structure. Now the single Contractor level will be ($600) and the Certified Contractor level will be ($1200). I am hopeful the CFA will benefit from your renewal and continue to grow and service the members.

Just this week, the CFA connected our company (Cornerstone Foundations) with a buyer for some underutilized and specialized equipment we were trying to sell. In a matter of days, we had a six figure deal worked out that will be a big boost to our bottom line this year. The CFA did not ask for a finder’s fee or commission. In light of this, I will have no problem paying $200 extra for this year’s renewal. Examples like this abound with many of our members. In comparison to other associations of this caliber, at $600, CFA membership is a bargain.

It is a privilege to serve you as President. No one said running a concrete company would be easy. It is the most difficult decisions, however, that I’ve often found the most rewarding. What you may see as a very difficult decision this year, your CFA renewal, I want you to see as a rewarding one. If you make this decision with confidence and follow it through with some measure of exploring your membership, you will bring back a return in abundance.

Thanks and I hope you will join me here in Virginia this August.

Tim Parrish, CFA President, Cornerstone Foundations

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