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CFA Is At Work to Change The Foundation Industry

Spring is finally here, the snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the CFA is growing!! That’s right, thanks to the dedicated efforts of members like Dennis Purinton and Jim Bartley, the CFA already has 10 new members this year. Ten more companies about to discover how the CFA is at work to change the foundation industry.

From “raising the bar” with our Certified Contractor program to the ongoing work to develop a top notch risk management and self insurance plan, the CFA is steaming ahead through these uncertain times. Or how about member Lance Jordan’s efforts to insure proper interpretation of OSHA’s updated fall protection requirements? This issue, and that of the new regulations on cranes and signalers, is addressed in this issue of Concrete Facts and will soon be available in Tech Notes from CFA HQ.

Another spring arrived 150 years ago and with it the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s leading presidents. But to his contemporaries he was viewed as a gawky, second-rate country lawyer, brought into office by a convention compromise and seen as no more than a figurehead. Those were no ordinary times for sure. Decades of bitter dispute boiled over into armed revolt and yet the Union was ill prepared for such a war. In fact, most military and political leaders expected a quick resolution, only signing up initial recruits for 30 days.

Instead, the Civil War proved to be a long and protracted affair. Lincoln saw that strong executive leadership would be required to get through the dark days ahead. He had to change outdated systems and motivate generals not ready to fight. His self-confidence, character and willingness to innovate proved crucial in that day and that battle.

As we all know, history repeats itself, so let me encourage each of us to look to Lincoln’s example as we tackle our day and our battle.

Tim Parrish, CFA President, Cornerstone Foundations

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